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I have had a lot of requests to make a block design tutorial! Thanks to all the people that requested this! I tried to edit this tutorial as good as possible! (New motion graphics!). Also new level will probably be released very soon!
Motion Graphics done mostly by these people:


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  1. Never seen anything on your channel before, was just scrolling through block design tutorials and happened upon this one. 5 minutes and 38 seconds later, you earned yourself a new subscriber 🙂

  2. What do you use to make your videos? It looks really professional

  3. one dislike
    it's too many ('-') lolz

  4. You spend so much time into your videos! Looks like that subcount went up by 1! = D

  5. Watching a bunch of tutorials cause I'm makeing my first level

  6. I was just looking and 5 minitus later you earned a new subscriber

  7. U deserve WAY MORE SUBS THAN U HAVE!!!!

  8. boi dem transitions are mlg! Nice job!

  9. this video is one og the best edited video evva

  10. Well, I'll put extreme over decoration to my levels so they will get like 200 likes or make 4 Million objects level to get 400 likes max…

  11. This is what I've been missing! Thanks so much plexium! You have 1 new sub!

  12. Earned a new sub! I was looking for great level tutorials and i saw you

  13. Hey, what editor do you use? Nice video Btw, it was easy to understand and I like how you gave examples 🙂

  14. Thanks! I hope I can really use this and win that CC I'm going to join >:D

  15. When I found this video, didn't hesitate. Clicked on the thumbnail as if it was the last video I ever see . Plexium definitely puts time and effort into making his videos, unlike some other rubbish you tubers, such as Tosh Deluxe, and some other people.

  16. special tutorial for LazerBlitz style, please

  17. Wow. This helped me for a megacollab part that I want to do overdecorated style. Thanks ^^

  18. This is a big reason im sub to you55


  20. Very, very, very well edited. Great content.

  21. Thank you this was very helpful if compared to other videos. You earned sub 🙂

  22. don't listen to the haters, your videos are high quality and overall very well made.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. thx man now i can continue my level ;D

  24. Thanks for the tip I always ditched my levels because I did to much detail. Now I will keep it more simple :). Thanks again!

  25. you edit and create like a pro 😀

  26. says don't over do block design but I'm background has a a serp lvl

  27. I have fibally gotten time to watch the video! One question, how do you know when you have enough detail/layers?

  28. what if your going for an extremely over decorated look? I have a level where 8ish blocks use 700 to 800 objects. it looks rly good tbh

  29. this is the holy grail, thank you so much!

  30. This guy needs all of Manix648 Creator Points

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  31. omg that's sooo wierd I was looking for block designs on YouTube andnthis appeared in my notifications

  32. Better content than tosh deluxe. You can tell plexium takes time and effort to make these videos.