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LBP3 Tutorials [Sprite Sheets]

LBP3 Tutorials by Danx87 how to create your own sprite sheets ready for animation in lbp3. The next video will include how to animate them and use them in your sprite based games

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P.S The Thermometer is high because of the custom photos not because of any of the logic.


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  1. 0:59 hey that is a type of a Terraria character

  2. I need help! When ever I take the picture of the sprite, it looks all messed up, blocks look all smeared. I'm trying to find methods on fixing this but nothing! How do you take such good pics?!

  3. when I try to s the sticker panel it doesn't do sections and change colors. just place in random spot.???help


  5. Do you still play lbp3?

    I just got into it and my imagination is going wild with what is possible in create mode!

    I subbed! Hope to see new content from you on this game! Cheers!

  6. Thanks for teaching us better than the game did

  7. how he go to shoe something just like Mega Man

  8. Does it need to be a picture

  9. idk about u but the black outline of the sprite keeps getting bigger when using that photo trick

  10. Why does the robot have blue nipples?

  11. I've finally reached the step at 5:07 but then the image quality of the photo is so bad that it makes the sprite look terrible. Please help somebody: I don't want hours of work to go to waste!

  12. can I help be your assistant

  13. Where did u get sprites from can u put it on lbp.me

  14. make a cube from geometry dash because I would like to. BECAUSE WHY NOT!

  15. When are you gonna do the animation

  16. When do you think you'll upload your next tutorial not to be rude but I really like re-creating all the cool things you make in lbp3 and at the moment I really want to make the movement for the Sprite like walking and jumping.

  17. when can we expact part 2 for the movement.??? 😉

  18. danx87 not trying to be rude or anything but where u been dude

  19. Is it possible to make a sackbot go ragdoll physics?

  20. Does anyone now how to make sackboy walk through the layers instead of shifting backwards and forwards?

  21. I have one request, and this might be simple depending on who you ask. Is it possible to make a weapon that is throwable (which I know you have covered before) but can return to it's owner after being thrown (somewhat similar to a boomerang)?

  22. Can you make a tutorial on how to make moving sprites like the one in this video. I have made all the pixel art movements of Mario like running and jumping but the farthest I've gotten is making him walk but when I turn it does a little disappearing glitch for a second

  23. Hay danx87. I am a long time SUBSCRIBER but can u do a powerup giveaway level?

  24. i was wondering when you would get to the design. I actually tried to make these animations myself using the video on Default Couch's collab video. I'm really impressed about the actual method you use. Thank you for making such useful tutorials.

  25. could you make like a weapon that makes it look like your shooting fireballs or casting spells from your hands?
    if not could you make a staff or something along those lines c:

  26. When are you uploading the next part of this?

  27. + LittleBigPlanet3 Tutorials How do I make a 2d perspective playable LVL?

  28. Nice pic trick! Great tutorial.I've got a sugestion for a tutorial (after you finish your sprite series, of course): I want you to make a simple way of walking on walls and ceiling, or maybe a way to change the gravity direction. I've been trying but I can't get a smooth way of doing it 🙁 This way a Gravity Rush would be posible, for example.

  29. thanks for another awesome LBP3 tutorial, Danx87, looking forward to the next one! 😀

  30. Good job again man! Always learning new stuff from you 🙂

  31. I want to play lb3 but the community is dead and bugs keep popping up for me 🙁 I had to restart my campaign by deleting save file and because of this I have like no objects to build with. I really want to pick it up and play but at the moment I just carnt be bothered with it