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LaunchBox Tutorials – Importing Steam Games

Want to import your Steam games into LaunchBox right next to all of your emulated games? LaunchBox makes it as easy as possible, but Steam doesn’t exactly make it easy to set up your permissions and hunt down your Steam URL.

Here we walk you through the process of making sure your Steam account is properly configured and importing all of your Steam games into LaunchBox.

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Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/
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Please watch: “LaunchBox Tutorials – Emulating the SNES – How to Set Up Retroarch for Beginners”



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  1. it is taking too long to parse steam games. i have 130. I stopped that and did windows games instead. steam will take too long

  2. I would like to ask if it's possible to launch a game like Fallout New Vegas with mods through LaunchBox. Great tutorial by the way.

  3. Say you buy more games on Steam. Does this update automatically or do you have to go through the process again?

  4. To me it is only some nummbers as the URL ;(

  5. how do i run red alert 2/yuri's revenge using this? i have a physical CD copy but it wont work through dos… (i have no idea what im doing)

  6. What happens if you have 2 steam accounts?

  7. we have the exact same desktop background xD

  8. Shit, help.
    I can't connect the steam account, no matter what.
    Not even the complex number can help me.
    Is there a third way to do it?

  9. I have an older game on steam 'Duke Nukem' (the original sidescrolling Dos game) however in Launch Box it comes up with 'Duke Nukem Forever' information. It will still run as the Dos game and I've seen on your main page that you have a game listing for this game 'http://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/5203' how can I make sure it comes up as that instead of the other game?

  10. Im new to all this but i gotta say this prog is awesome!!!!!!!!! And you sound like Steve from Full House!!!!! I love that show!!

  11. how about non steam games like origin and gog

  12. Is there anyway to import games from blizzards launcher (like overwatch and hearthstone}

  13. The steam banners won't show up at all after importing. They downloaded, and are in the image folder, but they won't show up.

  14. is there a way to add the downloaded steam trailers to big box the same way emumovies does?

  15. Gracias por el subtitulo en español (Thank you for subtitling in spanish)

  16. Do i need to have the games installed to import?

  17. What good would it do to import your games in LaunchBox?

  18. If I import all of my steam games, is it possible to remove the ones that are not installed from my library? For example, say I have DooM bought, but not installed – am I able to remove it from the library like I would be able to remove a Rom file? Or will it just come back the next time I start LaunchBox? Thank you for your time!

  19. Holy crap, Newport? I used to live in Waldport.

  20. Is it possible to only import my installed games? I too have a stupid huge library of 1k+

  21. So does this work with every Windows game, even like GoG Galaxy, Uplay, Origin, etc? I really am liking this setup. Everything in one place from a unified interface so I don't have to bounce around clients, emulators, etc.

    If this works how I'm hoping and thinking it does based on what I've seen. I'll be throwing money your way, this is A LOT of work.

    Edit: Yes, I do understand that this is just an interface to what is already installed and thatyou have to configure emulators and plugins and such.

  22. HELP i can see the id of my account all i see is profiles/76561198082510375

  23. When I imported my windows games some of them didnt appear in the launcher How can add it manually?

  24. Does this only work if you have an American Steam account?

  25. hey guys any idea why my steam games are now importing under 'windows' when they previously came under 'PC'?
    swapping format is a pain at the mo as it deletes the artwork.
    (and can you add functionality to keep artwork in a future update too please!)

  26. hi guys! can you please make one tutorial to play Naomi on Demul? please, i can't make it work

  27. is there a tutorial on .apk? (installing/importing to launchbox)

  28. Any way to make it not import all the games? The large majority of games I have on steam I don't care about or want to see, and it seems like it'd be a lot easier to uncheck the ones I don't care about than manually deleting hundreds afterwards

  29. i installed all my steam and GOG games but i can find how to install my uplay games can you help me out

  30. Hands down the best program for PC

  31. I imported a full set of super nintendo games, any idea why it ays displaying 343 of 680 games, why so much data is missing? I connected to all the databases when I did it. ?!?!!

  32. Great vid, now I have a great go to front end for all my projects, just a heads up, the free game quintet on steam isn't recognized and it thinks it's omega quintet on the ps4! 🙂 but managed to resolve the issue.

  33. OMG you have a crazy amount of games on steam. Tutorial worked great for me. I did have one like problem though. I didn't know and you also didn't mention that you create your steam I'd address. Mine came up as /profile/a bunch of numbers.

  34. how do I get taito type x2 games on launchbox

  35. Hi,

    i'm using launchbox premium and i also have over 1000 games on steam but i'd like to put just my currently installed games on launchbox cause it's a pain to go through all the games every time. Is there a simple method to do this?. Until now, i had to add the entry's manually.

  36. Your program can import games from Origin and Uplay?

  37. You programs is a emulation central, right? I need use RetroArch + LaunchBox?