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LaunchBox Tutorials – DOSBox Configuration and Imports

In this LaunchBox Tutorial I show you how to Import, Install and Config DOSBox so that you can play and enjoy your favorite old DOS Games through LaunchBox. I also show you how to swap out your Default install of DOSBox for DOSBox Daum, but you can swap to an older version of DOSBox if you need to. Warning with Daum however, Installing from a .iso doesn’t seem to work for the time being in LaunchBox. Enjoy.

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Please watch: “LaunchBox Tutorials – Emulating the SNES – How to Set Up Retroarch for Beginners”



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  1. Is dosbox included in launchbox or do you need to download it separately

  2. I'm having a bit of trouble getting TES: Daggerfall working in Launchbox. In order to start the game i need to type in some code into the DOSbox cmd. But i have to do this before every launch of the game. Is there anyway to automate this process through launchbox? Thanks in advance!

  3. I'm having trouble getting my Commander Keen Goodbye Galaxy game running. I can play the game, but whenever i try to find the game in a database it only searches LocalDB, it never says it's searching GamesDB. Any ideas? Do i need to download the gamesDB database? If so where would i find that. Thanks in advance for the help!


  5. I tried this out with one game and I can get it to start but it will freeze either at the end of the intro or if I manage to get to the title screen it will freeze after I press start. Any ideas?

  6. I went from Notepad++ to Sublime Text. I don't see myself go back to Notepad++

  7. Hello, please, how i can add thegamedb or others db to launchbox, like i see in the vid. Thanks in advance.

  8. What? MS-DOS was confusing? I must be weird to think that all I needed to do was to run the exe of a game and if it worked it worked and if not, it did not. I just remembered LaunchBox was created for DOSBox.. and I have not even cared to add any of the games to it. Time to follow this guy and do it, getting stressed while I fail so.

    PS: Now that I watched it, as always simple but along detailed. Thanks Brad.

  9. trying to install Duke Nukem 3D and Blood both are giving me a " Error 0 " then they crash. I have beeing messing with setting and such for 3 hours . please help

  10. para que es esto RetroArch y no es para descargar, sabes español, como organizas el launchbox los juegos.

  11. How does this work with 2 Isos or 2 physical discs?

  12. Never heard BIOS pronounced like that before – I've only ever heard it pronounced as "Bye-oss" ! Must be an American thing..

  13. I need help playing a wii game, I've downloaded dolphin and the game but I launch the game off launchbox and it opens in dolphin and nothing appears i can't play anything, please help

  14. Thanks for the tutorial. I haven't tackled DOSBox yet. I'm excited to get going with it now. Happy Holidays to you and yours…

  15. Excellent as always but "MS-DOS Import Option" only detects just 1 game of my 45 MSDOS Games