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  1. I'm buying a new keyboard soon and new mic to get a better setup for these videos. Today was just A LOT of small problems who made it stressful to play and make this video. Regardless I hope you'll still enjoy! As I said… i hit some pretty sick shots in here still ;] Don't miss them…

  2. Your slacking bro where are the full matches dude

  3. dud it's nice video but OMG 16-8 really!!

  4. I know it's a dumb question but is there a purpose to cycling through your weapons constantly?

  5. did a 5 year old do your tattoos? asking for a friend

  6. there is literally no skill to this game

  7. Anyone else notice that his keyboard is sideways LMAO

  8. Add me on steam I need cs go teammates! – Mlbchamp2

  9. I feel bad for teeqo they're trash

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  11. Teeqo hey I can give you guys a discord server it's good and you can use it for recording and also can I play cs go with u guys

  12. Whats with switching back and forth to the knife and gun lol

  13. Do a case opening on skinhub again!! 😀 Like if you also whould like to see a video on it!!

  14. Nice video! Btw i'm looking to edit frags, as always I'll give credit! Details on my channel!

  15. For the Love of Gaben. Please let me organize your desktop.

  16. Hey man. I am sure you get this all the time but i am starting my youtube channel. I subbed to you and will stay active on your channel but would appreciate some support back. Great video man.

  17. Yo are you from sweden cuz Im cinda new here/är du från Sverige för jag är ganska ny på den här

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  20. Why tf won't you show us Your rank

  21. Idk if you guys feel this but I hate how Flicky he is when he changes weapons constantly, like always inspecting the knife

  22. What's his video settings/ view model

  23. Check out my chanell for a chance to win a super cool Karambit Knife !!

  24. You guys gold novas? maybe MG? and you should play ESEA. Faceit rank as well plz

  25. how can they hear each other without pressing the mic button?