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Jtag Tutorials #4 Downloading and Installing Games

This tutorial will show you how to download and install an Xbox 360 game to your Jtag/RGH hard drive so that you can run the game off the hard drive and copy a game off a disk to the hard drive. I also show you how to add the game to FreeStyleDash so that you can run the game from FreeStyleDash and get Title updates.

Download Links:

Xbox Backup Creator: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/228-xbox-image-browser-v290345/

Jdownloader: http://jdownloader.org/download/index

Download Game ISO’s at http://www.xbox360iso.com/ search the DVD Game Downloads Section and the Jtag/RGH Game Rip Downloads. You can also try https://ukbay.org/

Next Jtag tutorial will show you have to get Indie and Arcade games for free.


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  1. could you make another one but a neighborhood version ?

  2. For everyone that is having trouble:

    Access Denied: Right Click on the iso and uncheck the read only check box

    For the error that says something about it being open in another program, go to the task manager and close the program that it says in "Processes"

    MSCOMCTL.OCX: In the read me file, there should be a link to download the file, when it downloads, put it in the rar file with xbc

    Hope this helped 🙂

  3. guys don't use jdownloader its a virus…

  4. can you make a newer tut of this using neighborhood i feel that people would find it more easier.

  5. say if I installed a game to my hardrive without a rgh can I play it without a disc on a rgh


  7. i cant find the game dem so what me can do

  8. i extracted but it didnt turn into a disk type

  9. I downloaded halo reach and install it but it is not in English can I change it to English

  10. So when i downloaded mw2 i had parts 1-7, There is also a folder named Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 that has a dvd and disc image file, part 1 has a iso and a dvd file, all other 2-7 parts only have an iso file. Do i only need the 2 files from the main folder, dvd and disc image or do i need all of the iso files?

  11. Help i want to install destiny but when i put the files in jdownloader also i put the right password the files are just skipped it says account missing help

  12. Yo do u have Skype or something dude as I am getting back into modding and have some questions about how to mod gta v and a link for gta v itself

  13. when I extracted it it just made a folder with all the stuff in it it didnt make an iso please help

  14. wait isn't this just downloadin a game for xbox 360 and howbto play it without having to buy it?

    sorry for bad english

  15. Hey If I use my hardisk to copy the game to xbox , will my hardisk get Formated ????????

  16. game crashes when startup, what did i do wrong?
    (anyone who knows the solution please reply).

  17. please help me i found a game with .xex at the end can i put it in my hard drive and open it in the dashboard?

  18. jdownloader keeps asking for a password for the files i am downloading, but none of the files have passwords. do you know of any fix?

  19. hi what part of Scotland are u from mate

  20. i did as you said. When i try to start games from XeX menu some of them work (Mass Effect 1, Gears of War 1, GTA 4) but others dont work (Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition, Batman Lego 3). It said : The game couldn't start. Try downloading game again. I tried 3 different downloads with Diablo 3 and none of them work :'(
    Could anyone help me please?

  21. Ok i figured is out but i did all the stuff in the vid but when it extracts for me it shows a file and in side is a winwar file that has system update audio ts and vidio ts and no iso any help plz

  22. hey some one plz awnser this how do u go to the link downloads on xbox360 iso site all i find is direct downloads any help?

  23. My xbox is jtag rgh, which do i download, some say ISO, some say Region free etc.

  24. what capture used for this video?

  25. yo when i download back up creator, it says inappropriate access. how to fix?