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Jtag Tutorials #19 How to Install GTA V (Multi Disc Games)

How to install GTA-V onto a Jtag/RGH console. This method should work for other Multi Disc games.

You can download games from: http://www.xbox360iso.com/


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  1. Couldn't you just copy the second discs folder onto your main hd?

  2. When I do this it just stops like when I'm half way through download

  3. I downloaded GTA v before but it is in zip form how to make it iso and use it in Xbox creator or horizon.pleeeaassseee helllppp

  4. what happens if i put disk 2 in hdd?

  5. to work you need your kernal version to be higher than 16202

  6. i get RockStar Service is unavailable, any help?

  7. How do you access usb on XeXmenu? Please help me..

  8. I have downloaded Watch Dogs and when I launch the disc 2 it says the disc is unreadable even though it's not an actual disc

  9. I need help, did everything you did and mine won't work. it would get a fatal crash intercepted thing, so I updated my kernel, it was on 16767 now it on the latest. it doesn't crash but it freezes at the loading screen with cop arresting lady but no words on the screen. I unlocked the disc 1 files with xm 360 still nth. Updated dash launch also to 3.18.1. The funny thing is I have 2 other console with the same old kernel and gta v works fine on those.

  10. Im trying to install COD Ghosts and i have a load of language folders were the content folder is when i extracted the iso what should i do with them chuck the English one on the root of the hard drive?

  11. mine says cant read disc when i try to start it

  12. anyone else? when i try to install compatilibilty packs it says fatal error crash

  13. Launching default.exe i hear the GTAV sounds then my RGH turns off

  14. Help, after updating my RGH to 17502, my gta v requires xbox live account and i cant play it. Also happen on games like AW2 what to to? Thanks

  15. tried this with Dragon Age Inquisition and it still says it requires to be installed on xbox hdd but when I install gta5 and dishonored on my external like this they work… so what gives?

  16. i add the content folder to content and erase content folder from disc 1 folder?????

  17. when i press the Default.xex it loads and then my xbox just restarts help Please?

  18. I have the disc and im trying to download it by copyDVD and i can't get it working can you help me please? Also when i copy that file over to my content it says it is already in there

  19. Skype? Teamviewer? Please!! Help!!

  20. i have the original gta 5 discs and i didnt play for 2 months and now when i insert all is there a black screen 4

  21. I tried downloading GTA 5 but the install disc stops progress at 26% every time? someone help please!

  22. all sorted.anyone having this is issue.i have ninj xbls installed.i been off line till today.jumped on live with ninja.ninja wanted to update issues with gta 5 and mw3 i think.did the update gta 5 works perfectly now.so that was my issue.thanks moddedwarfare for your time.PLUS NINJA IS FREE RIGHT NOW AT 12.15 PM UK TIME

  23. Strange.i had to watch this to refresh my memory,anyway did everything correctly,and when i launch gta 5 default xex,from either disc 2 or 1 it gets to police sirens on screen,and switches off the console fully.did have some dlc installed,removed it completely and still switching off within seconds of starting to load.anyone else had this issue.every other game on the hdd is fine,i checked them all.just seems to be gta 5

  24. when i do this and i load this it just loads up the starting menu and doesnt say x for online or anything

  25. Hi need help i have rgh whith gta and all the time i try to get online it says one or more download packs are mising

  26. i cant find my gta files on xex menu and i did download the game on the xbox 360 store so plz help anyone

  27. why wont it transfer the last file some reason I only getting 3 I tried though neighbourhood with no luck also I am using the brought disk orinial

  28. Can I just drag the folders into neighborhood?

  29. xXModdedWarfareXx  amm hey I have a problem when I install bo2 by xexmenu 1.1 it doesn't install properly there are some files missing any solutions?