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Jtag Tutorials #11 Installing Xbox Original Games

This tutorial will show you how to get Xbox original games running off your Jtag/RGH hard drive without any compatibility errors. This works by downloading the game ISO from the internet and extracting it onto your Jtag hard drive and by copying the game from a disk to the hard drive.

Download Links:

Xbox Original Games: http://www.xbox360iso.com/xbox1-game-downloads-f35.html

Xbox360 Backwards Compatibility: http://support.xbox.com/en-GB/games/xbox-games/play-original-games

HDD partition fixer plus Xbox 1 emulator: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/35-how-to-play-xbox1-games-on-your-jtagrgh/

Xbox Backup Creator:


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  1. Would games from a different region work on a rgh

  2. thanks for the tutorial it helped alot

  3. I've replaced the internal hdd with an external hdd, I do this with the external?

  4. with a modded xbox can original xbox mods be installed via usb

  5. im trying to play super monkey ball deluxe on my RGH I followed every step in this Tutorial but when I launch the defult.xbe file I get a black screen. how can I fix this?

  6. mine just stays at a black screen

  7. I installed "Black" (compatible xbox original game) from disk into hdd of rgh xbox 360 and when I go and click on play the game on xbox 1 folder the console turn off ??? please guys any help

  8. i really want that old dashboard!

  9. can I do that without a hard drive??

  10. if you download a xbox 1 game and your gonna use it on your xbox 360 will it work

  11. Hey dude, Nice videos you got there! You helped me alot getting my Ttag'd xbox setup. I've been wondering if I can play Original Xbox discs on my Xbox. There are some games I can't find online, so that's why… Expecting a reply! Again, nice vids. 🙂

  12. If anyone can please help would be grateful. When i launch original games i get the xbox splash screen and then the console shutsdown.

  13. it tells me that I need to get a update

  14. I've downloaded burnout 3 but the file "default.xbe" is not in the folder
    there are so many data files in the folder but no "default.xbe" what should I do now? how to play it?

  15. for people who is wondering how to fix "unable to determine Xbox disk type"

    just use XBOX360 Extract Iso it's works for me perfectly !

  16. Can i install it without a Internal HDD? I have a External one. And also can i install the game using Horizon? ?

  17. I don't see HDDX, do I need that? Also, What does Partition2 do?

  18. i transfer files from ftp with 300kb/s what the hellll but it's better for small files because what takes more time for small files is to put the usb and then remove it an redo it . thank you a lot we can't play ps2 games on xbox 360 but at least there is some games in original xbox that were also on ps2 . thank you i tought it was easy i jist have to transfer the files and open default.xex

  19. I have downloaded crash tag team racing and I have do every single step in the video but everytime i open the xbe file it's showing me a black screen and I have waited for like helf an hour but the screen still black can you please help me??