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Join Us for the Hearthstone Global Games!

The votes are in and your champions have been selected! Join us on April 11 for the Hearthstone Global Games. http://PlayHearthstone.com Subscribe!


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  1. Iz wouining hole vat meters?

  2. May the best..no.
    May the luckiest player win.

  3. Lothar is the best <3 i vote for Lothar 😀 !!!!!

  4. Ptdrrrr Torlk "Is winning all zat metters ?"

  5. so when can I join you all?where?:)

  6. Zieg!!! HEIL!!! Plz chill that was a joke…

  7. hope we take our chance ( Africa) one time … ( we had a group in facebook with +2000 membre ( i speak about my country ( tunisia))
    ) thik about us blizzard we played a lot this game ..

  8. YES! i will skip work to watch others play !

  9. On ne voit presque pas Torlk dans la vidéo (c'est sûrement à cause de son accent!)

  10. Yes! Finally new marvel movie trailer !

  11. Um actually USA always wins. You'd all be speaking German if it weren't for us xD

  12. Blizzard logic: Keep making huge tournaments and more stupid people will think its a skill based game!

  13. toti stiu ca RDU o sa care romania

  14. Чё это за чмыри? Или я что-то пропустил?

  15. Love youtube so much, you can express so much, I have a few genres I cover but mostly gaming videos 😀 Come give us a shot and help us achieved 1200+ subs!

  16. Join me children to see who wins the guac!!!

  17. "Hes Getting Raped" Reckful 2017

  18. Well, great, you hold a tournament where the UK always wins. What's the point in holding a tournament then?