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I had the opportunity to build a serious gaming PC with Scan Computers and this is what we came up with! Check out the PC here: http://bit.ly/jackfragshunterpc …


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  1. Hey Jack how long will this system be on the site for as I won't be able to get it until next month?

  2. I never thought a Unity game could look so good.

  3. bought mine for 2632 euro. In $ it is 2807 usd

  4. That's the exact case I'm about to build my first ever gaming PC in. 😀

  5. jack babes, i like you. So im going to be gentle. But i do not own 1 thousand and 2 hundred pounds to spend on a gaming computer. But you know what, i do have a PC. So i can watch you <3

  6. i love it but i want msi triden bc its smaller

  7. why is the GPU memory Restriction "OFF"?

  8. I have that case lol without the logo

  9. I would've used something like a hyper 212x for lower cpu temps and I really hate plexi glass windows on cases. other than that this buid kicks ass

  10. hiya guys I'm new to pc gaming just wondering what's a good monitor to go with the specs of this pc cheers

  11. mine is:
    intel i5
    gtx 960 2GB
    16 GB ram
    125 GB ssd card
    1 TB hard drive
    650 W power supply
    forgot the name of my motherboard but it came with an impressive audio card.

    cost me $800 CAD + TAX, great performance, and no need to empty my pocket to get a great gaming pc.

  12. If I could afford a computer that price, I wouldn't be here.

  13. I thought he was going to do a giveaway

  14. Will this pc be out forever or is it only out for a certain amount of timr

  15. i7 7700 Quad Core with HyperThreading and it drops to 54 FPS. HELL YEAH

  16. gtx 1060 6gb
    i5 7600k (oc 5ghz)
    8gb ddr4 3300
    250 gb ssd
    z270 motherboard
    evo 121 cooler
    500 watts
    £780 thank you very much

  17. I just bought it, and I get the same frames as him but in 1080p..

  18. how do i buy it in usd i dont have eur

  19. honestly could build my own computer way less than that and still get the same performance. the reason the price is so high is because they used and Intel i7 and you can get an amd processor for about $300 less and can handle everything just fine.

  20. I don't know shit about pc. If it's powerful or popular and also cheap.
    Sold! ???

  21. still not as good as the hp spectre

  22. with which program did u recorf ur gameplay?