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Is The Tomahawk Coming? CSGO /r Place! Gambit Price Rise, Mortal Kombat Returns, FMPONE and More

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00:16 – Will the Tomahawk Come to CSGO? What do you think?
1:49 – Tomahawk in CSGO (clip)
2:20 – The Reddit /r Place CSGO Logo! Success!
3:49 – Market Manipulation for Gambit Stickers? What Happened?
5:53 – Team Rogue Destroyed as Mortal Kombat Returns!
7:40 – Factory New Gut Knife Crimson Web on My Twitter!
7:58 – Copenhagen Games Invite Teams Includes Cheater!
8:59 – Subaru Announce New Online Tournament
9:29 – FMPONE Hints at Further Operation Delays…
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  1. To all the people so angry cause I said you can throw a tomahawk cause you can throw other knives too…. please show me an effective way of throwing a butterfly knife or shadow dagger at someone…

  2. 1:33 in that corner is my beautiful camping spot XD

  3. If they add the tomahawk, it will be just like a knife, and you won't be able to throw it ofc

  4. Tomahawk prob can't be used as a range weapon

  5. ??Еаsу 5О dоllаrs, from new tradе site, all infо on my channel??

  6. its definitely not going 2 be throwable, just another knife

  7. The Nova Graphite was manipulated a few weeks ago

  8. This was a new level of stupid. It's going to be added as a knife skin, not a new weapon

  9. Just because a Tomahawk can be thrown, doesn't mean that will be a feature; an M9 Bayonet is supposed to go on the barrel of a gun, yet that is still in the game. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  10. huh… Funny, i can throw a knife, huh wow never would have guessed that i can throw a knife! -_-
    Jake: wow did u know u can throw a tomahawk?
    me: Well no shit Sherlock homes!
    Jake: this should be a new weapon bc you can throw it!
    me: well I can do the same with a knife dip shit.

  11. Unconclusive isn't a fucking word. Did you graduate high school?

  12. Unsubscribed due to the bullshit retardness

  13. Didn't gambit created a new logo?

  14. I had a gambit gaming holo and it was listed on the market without my knowing… does this have anything to do with the price rise??? it was listed for 3.50

  15. Hmm I don't think that Valve would be dumb enough to make an entirely new weapon out of the new knife. If they do put it in it would probably just be another fancy knife.

  16. Moar long video's like this plz, ty

  17. The gambit price rise could be because HObbits loan time is about to expire, only a few days left

  18. They should continue those better updates now. No need for a new knife.

  19. I want the Tomahawk in CSGO because if Valve really does that hillarious kind of shit everyone is finally gonna quit this shitty game , then the prices of all skins are gonna drop , Im gonna buy tonns of skins and then I will wait for Valve to remove the Tomahawk , the players to return and the prices to go up again ^^

  20. can u please slow the fuck down. your intro sounded like u couldn't breathe

  21. I would kill myself if they add it dude the fucking animations and fov is like broken tf2 weapon with viewmodel_fov 120

  22. WE KNOW ITS THE STICKER KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Gambit stickers rise because there was an april fool joke by russian youtuber.He bought a lot of them.

  24. Not sure but think that gambit change their logo Could be the reason