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IGN’s Top 25 Xbox One Games (Spring 2017)

We’ve updated our list of the 25 Xbox One games you shouldn’t miss if you pick up Microsoft’s latest console.

Top 25 Nintendo 3DS Games – Spring 2017 Update:

Top 25 Wii U Games (Spring 2017):

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  1. Xbox:I'm dying help!
    PS4: I'll call the ambulance
    Will u Will u Will u Will u

    (Sorry had too couldn't hold it)

  2. When are we going to get a top 25 for PS4?

  3. Thought they were going to make gow4 their number one game for a second , that game is straight trash

  4. Did you actually put Shit Raider before the Witcher 3? Jeez, what's wrong with you?

  5. Hahahaha so little line up, and most of it are on PC as well.


  6. I wish forza horizon was on ps4.

  7. Do not believe this fraud said especially about halo

  8. Ryan mccaffrey should slit his own throat by calling halo 5 has the best MP since h2.

  9. I'm just wondering why this is an Xbox list when most of the games are on pc and ps4 as well.

  10. how did shitty games like halo mcc and sunset overdrive beat fallout 4 and darksouls let alone make it on the list.

  11. Where are Persona 5? Nier? Horizon?

  12. Top 25 "Microsoft" Games. Most of these are available for PC

  13. I don't hate XBOX , but it's really sad to this list almost similar to its predecessor, while Sony filling ps4 library with incredible exceclusive everyday

  14. you should put resident evil 7 here.
    same on you IGN

  15. I completely expected to find Inside at the number one spot and I was happy to be right. Gorgeous masterpiece

  16. You didn't even mention Rare Replay. Such shame, IGN.

  17. Dark souls 3 should be higher on the list IMO. It's a shame Xbox one lacks in exclusives… if I didn't have so much stuff on my account, I would have a PS4 by now.

  18. This list confirms xbox is dead!!! 75% of these games are also on ps4 lmao. xbox is the most useless console ever

  19. @1:08 "what can we say…" i dunno maybe the same sentence you always say whenever you repeat a game that was on the previous list, perhaps?

  20. Multiplayer and XBOX Play Anywhere is the main reason I got an XBOX One S despite having a PC for gaming.

  21. Great games to be honest. The problem is that xbox is useless as a gaming platform now when PC is offering you the exact same games, while xbox became a cheaper version for those who can't spend money on a powerfull PC.

  22. Mass Effect Andromeda is missing from this list :p

  23. Yeah idk about this list…… All opinion I suppose
    Rainbow six seige
    Skyrim (if you count GTA than skyrim should qualify)