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IGN’s Best PC Games of 2016

It was a tremendous year to be a PC Gamer, so here are our picks for the Best PC Games of 2016!

IGN’s Best Series of 2016:

IGN’s Best Games of 2016:

IGN’s Xbox One Games of 2016 – Unlocked

IGN’s Best Movies of 2016

IGN’s Best Nintendo Games of 2016 – NVC

IGN’s Best Playstation Games of 2016 – Beyond!

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  1. LOVE this interview!!! guys why isn't a racing game included, or street fighter5?

  2. I followed Overwatch ever since i heard about it in 2015 and at the time life was hard so all i did was concentrate on that because i thought it would be really cool to play, then when they released the price i was upset because i cant afford shit like that in Australia but i follow along with it on reddit and youtube

  3. How does this channel have eight million subs and only 60 thousand views on this vid?

  4. I ended the video at 00:22. Got all the info i need

  5. Hate the way that the chick reviews the game, feels as if she's just going with what ever comes of the tip of her tongue

  6. Hello IGN, my name is Benjamin Li and I've went to your guises place for a field trip. If you don't remember just try to remember the name A.P. GIANNINI 😀 bye hope you reach 8 million subs!

  7. 4 pseudo intellectuals bloviate about game programs like theyre on MSNBC debating politics.

  8. *What Game I Really Want is The Game That Roam Realistically Colourful character and Refreshing Landscape !!

  9. where was dark souls 3? is this list pc exclusive games?

  10. IGN crew is dull. Fire them. lol

  11. This is why you don't ask girls about video games ?

  12. The winner will be one of the AAA's – not one of the indie's. IGN is bought and sold by the major AAA developers so IGN won't bite the hand that feeds them!

  13. gears of war 4 is underrated and should be number 1 for 2016

  14. i wish IGN would bring back a weekly PC podcast…James and Chloi would be great hosts..plenty of stuff to talk about…

  15. Fantastic episode guys 🙂 You should bring back "Overclocked"! I know that Mitch was a big part of that but I would have loved for you guys to continue it. I would love to listen to a PC podcast with Dan, Brandon, James, and Chloi every week 🙂

  16. Why is Mei reviewing games? Shouldn't she be pushing payloads

  17. WWI Didn't have mobile machine guns "historically accurate"

  18. no world of warcraft ?? wow 😛

  19. Лично мне приятно стало …

  20. 10.Rise of the Tomb Raider 9. OVERWATCH 8. Fortza Horizon 3 7. Dark Souls 3 6.Gears of War 4 5.TitanFall 2
    4.Dishonored 2
    3.Watch Dogs 2
    2.Shadow warrior 2 (Nvidia Multi-res Shading technology)

  21. Doom is easily the best fps of 2016

  22. everyone knows pc gamers spend 2000$ on their pcs to play overwatch, dota 2 and league of legend, everyday.

  23. you're so zombie man that's for my Russians out there

  24. I guess Dishonored 2 wasn't on this list because of the atrocious port

  25. In DS3 Nameless King was a better boss battle for me then all the bosses ive fought in a zelda game. You would think that would make DS3 a GOTY nominee. You would be wrong. DS3 has a cult following of people that have completely forgot what games are supposed to be…..

  26. Man every time I see OW winning a game of the year award I just see the far horizon of video games
    Just a punch of frogs jumping around the map, not caring about story in games, just multiplayer all the day
    When someone says games is art and passion then says OW is game of the year… that is something silly
    Again I did not play OW but it looks like a good game, but come on, GOTY?

  27. Yes OverWatch I have over 750 hours total on that game too addicting.My worst game of 2016 was battlefield 1 so boring

  28. Overwatch go ez (I'm trying to be a nicer person, it's hard but I'm trying.

  29. Can anyone explain to me why a multi-million subscriber channel, such as this, only pulls in like a couple thousand views? I'm legitimately curious, thanks.

  30. Some of these video topics seem so interesting, but then I see I need to take a week off to watch them. Far too long.

  31. No way January 6th is my birthday

  32. I miss overclocked, any chances it might be revived next year?

  33. I always disagree with that girl's opinions.