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I Love Standing & Gaming – Uplift Desk Office Upgrade

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Hey guys, today I’m going to talk about standing desk and specifically my current Uplift Desk and new sponsor.

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  1. DAmn this desk can handle that much weight? is it stabled though? like not shaky?

  2. Standing desks are healthier, your heart beats better, you feel better, it saves the environment and stuff. Aaand if you lock your knees you might pass out.

  3. My hands can wrap around you're keyboard 3 times. Also keep up the good work.

  4. Would the largest version of this fit 3 monitors and a PC on the desk?

  5. Really sweet setup, I just ordered my 4 leg desk, thanks for the review. I had been looking at these for a while seeing the new four leg set up was the game changer for me! I was curious could you provide information (links) on your truss system and sound barrier (wall noise canceling panels)

  6. my god what the fuck is that monster?

  7. Sweet set up. I need this in my life.

  8. Great video man 🙂 I have the bamboo 60 inch desktop, would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their health and workstation!

  9. I dont gonna work for me i am over 2 meters long…

  10. Nice video, where did you get the truss?

  11. instead of this go to a gym and work out

  12. i wanna sit on my lazy ass smoking weed, playing games, jerking off

  13. what programs do you use to edit you video

  14. I'm too fucking poor for this shit LevelCap

  15. At first I thought this video was just a joke

  16. is there a way i can buy the legs only

  17. lol LED does not stand for 'low energy draw'

  18. Chairs and sitting is overrated tbh.

  19. Please like this for visibility. If you ask their online chat support for deals and discount on the uplift desk, they will grant you a $35 off on your order (at least in my case).

  20. are there UK versions of the websites

  21. God Damnit LevelCap you brag so fucking much….maybe you and MoreConsole should hook up and fuck each other in the ass some day.

  22. I'm a construction worker so noooo thanks

  23. йпдф ккк щкрыпаап рьудвхцщ эвэпццомлы

  24. this is retarded just oozes sponcerd

  25. who the f****uses shoes inside?

  26. how much does that cost to get a game setup like that??

  27. do you wear shoes or not? standing for my job in shoes gets rather painful so I'd imagine it would for you?

  28. I have a question about your PC setup which is how do you handle lag spikes on your system. Like what kind of anti-malware programs you run and what kind of Internet setup you have. For me personally the biggest issue I have when gaming is lag in my games. Be that lag spikes on my PS4 over wifi and my PC which may have malware I can't find (although my internet is the issue here as my PC has little to no malware). A video on this issue would be a great addition to the list of PC videos you have so far and would offer great advice to most gamers out there including myself.

  29. You should look into Synergy so you don't have to use separate mice and keyboards for your two computers.