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Huge New Xbox Scorpio News! And 4K Native Games Are About To Be Shown Off!

Xbox Nation Podcast:
Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio.
Oh, and native 4K games on Scorpio.
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  1. Thanks everyone for coming out! Appreciate all the support!

  2. Digital foundry bias? nah. Sorry they are just objective.
    Xbox one was just too damn slow.

    Now that Scorpio is actually a damn fine product their analysis will be more in favour of the green team.

  3. pony's New excuse Xbox got no games lol… try harder Sony didn't have any games last 3yrs

  4. OMG, great Macho Man!!!  Ooooh yeah.  Meh that Digital Foundry has it, but there are others like Tom's Hardware or Windows Central.

  5. The time has come…the time is now "PROJECT SCORPIO"

  6. Shitty weakness awaits ponies enjoy it.

  7. technically talking about wrestling counts because they make wwe games

  8. Cant wait to finally see the Xbox Floppio SeemsGood

  9. xbox durp moment and howls on the pun on madcatz!

  10. *1 native 4k game is being shown…..

  11. Shit if rand sayin it's gone do 60fps I'll be down then just they gotta bring the games that's the only let down I have about the pro i was expecting things to be 1080 1440 with 60fps and it's still doing 30

  12. Dealer that's retarded it's always been about games the reason why I got x1 first they had the games first couple years Xbox was shitting on Sony with games but in my opinion Xbox hasn't really been bringing appealing games

  13. Newf needs to pipe down with his needless unfunny interjections as Cletus etc. Just talk, like the rest of them.

  14. hell ye! great video as always guys.

  15. I laugh every time ppl say no one has a 4K tv and I'm like I sell at least 5 a day myself at work I can only imagine what ppl are doing online.

  16. haha crap i just recently watched that ppv you went to in Tampa ha.

  17. dont have a 4k pc monitor or a tv so cant tell any difference

  18. these ponies next joke is gonna be "Scorpio is gonna flop like newf's joke"

  19. Scorpio vs Pro

    Worlds Most Powerful Console
    Scorpio ✔️    Pro ❌

    True Exclusive Games
    Scorpio ❌    Pro ❌

    True 4K Gaming
    Scorpio ✔️     Pro ❌

    EA Access
    Scorpio ✔️     Pro ❌

    Mixed Reality Headset
    Scorpio ✔️  .. Pro ❌

    Scorpio ✔️     Pro ✔️

    4K Bluray Player
    Scorpio ✔️     Pro ❌

    Backward Compatibility
    Scorpio ✔️     Pro ❌

    Download Hundreds Of Games $10
    Scorpio ✔️     Pro ❌

    High Fidelity VR
    Scorpio ✔️      Pro ❌

    Best Online
    Scorpio ✔️      Pro ❌

    4K 60FPS Video Capture
    Scorpio ✔️       Pro ❌

    Games Preview Program
    Scorpio ✔️        Pro ❌

    Best Quality Free Games
    Scorpio ✔ Pro❌

    Console Mods
    Scorpio ✔️        Pro ❌ 

    HDMI 2.0a
    Scorpio ✔ Pro ❌

    Shader 6
    Scorpio ✔ Pro ❌

    PC like Graphics
    Scorpio ✔ Pro ❌

    For The Players
    Scorpio ✔️         Pro ❌

  20. Looking forward to buying the first true 1080p console running at 60 FPS

  21. the clock is ticking for the sony pony and sony.

  22. Now what I don't get is why Sony fans are so obsessed with Scorpio. I see no videos on PSVR (which just came out) and no videos on these Japanese games (which also just came out). If you're a Sony fan, you don't need to worry about Scorpio. Enjoy your PS4. Scorpio is something Phil is doing for XB enthusiast.