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How to Setup LED Light Strip | Best Gaming Desk Lighting Setup!

In this video i will be showing you guys how to correctly setup your LED light strip, I will also show you the final results! Make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more epic content! Stay Happy:D

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Products in the video: LED light strip kit
UK Adapter
RGB Control box
LED strip remote


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  1. Can you cut the led? like i want it under my bed and under my table do i have to just.connect them all cause that would look pretty ugly

  2. Jesus your intro gave me a heart attack!

  3. He has the same speakers as me! GXs

  4. From where I can buy this type of table?

  5. 2 questions. 1. can you cut the strip/ how what do you do when you are done with your desk and have extra lights. 2. can you link the strip you bought

  6. Can you put a link? I can only find ones 16ft+ and I only need 6ft total…

  7. plz link me to a uk adapter for an led strip

  8. My room is dark as fuck because i have no windows so LEDS would look amazing in my room

  9. It hurts me that he has a tiny little laptop

  10. That tiny package came in a huge box lol

  11. So I have an L desk and only 1 side is up against a wall. Should I put the LED on one side against the wall or put it on the entire desk with part of it not being up against a wall?

  12. Wooooooooow !!!!! Super LED lights!!!!!

  13. Is there a way to cut a part of the strip and connect it somewhere else?

  14. hey bro i just want name of the desk you have becuase i like it and i cant find in amazon ? 🙂

  15. am I able to cut the strip at a certain point? I only need about 6 feet to light my desk

  16. Please Provide a Link to where to buy this thing bro 😀 <3

  17. Hey man. Can you remove the LEDs, for instance say I put them on 1 desk, can I remove them and then put them on a different one

  18. Hey man what is your desk called ?? PS I subbed

  19. what do i do if the strip is too long for my desk and theres leftover? can i cut it?

  20. thats one huge box for such a small box 😀

  21. hey can you pls give links to youre desk and leds pls ty.

  22. How much power do they need. Cause i don't want my power bill to suffer.

  23. can you tell me where you got your desk from?

  24. what is the link to this led strip?

  25. link to where you bought them?

  26. Where did you buy that desk from. I really like it

  27. OH shiet, that's tight!
    And you know what, the LED lights will also make your processor faster! ^_^

  28. Sick man! I need to get one to!

  29. amazing setup!! left a like 😀