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  1. Its not fake! It does but doesn't work if you get what I mean. Doing that spamming technique does make it say that you own it as pre-order but then it doesn't work because when the game actually comes out, it disappears from your Games & Apps. If you check your email, you would get an email from microsoft. It would say something like "Your purchase has failed".

  2. click bait! Don't try this!

  3. He's downloaded the trailer look how much GB It takes up

  4. Whats downloading is the trailer for the game not the actual game hence the download size is MB not GB….You will get charged for this.

  5. That's bs because guess what now I need to give 82 bucks to my parents nice job this glitch doesn't work

  6. You only have 5.00 in your account wow

  7. it says it was being shipped on my email someone help

  8. I'll game trade GTA 5 with any Cod/Battelfield (peferably battlefield 1)/Xbox live gold/Rainbow siege six game/overwatch. I have plenty more games than Gta 5 (for example: Forza horizon 3, The Division, Minecraft, FIFA 13-16 And NBA 16-17 and more) contact me on Xbox @FatherGuse

  9. OMG it work man guy try it I subscribe! !! it works

  10. did anyone eles get charged by there bank card after this lol

  11. Can u do this with games that are already out?

  12. i have rainbow six siege battlefield 1 bf4 battlefield hardline COD BO3 season pass gta5 NBA2k17 woodlands destiny infinte warfare over watch pvz gw2. just cause 3 and many more looking for xenoverse2 or xenoverse1 I go first

  13. video is before March 6th this was patched and lol nice try cunt

  14. after the games comes out will they work ??

  15. Heey Friendss I Have F0unddddd Workingg Online Hacck visitttt : – https://vk.com/wall419124559_8?/wgbuDOCB9Hs

  16. I dome this earlier today I gotten few games. I went back few hours later to try an get something else an it didn't work. it's been patched (March 11)