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How to Build a Barebones Laptop (Clevo P641RE/P640RE) Gaming Whitebook Notebook

Building your own gaming laptop or workstation notebook is something I wanted to do a long while back and found very few resources on how to do it. This is my …


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  1. Great video, thanks for posting.
    I really want to build a laptop because I want the freedom of building it myself as well as having the freedom of building it to my own spec. CPU temp is something else I need to learn about and I need to find a case with a keyboard that does not attract toast crumbs, as my acer aspire just burped.

  2. Please, please can you do a video for a non gaming laptop, one thats just for typing? No wifi, no internet, just typing? Someone is hacking, despite me disabling wifi and not even paying for connectivity, so I urgently need to build a laptop?!

  3. so I want to.build one but in the description is a antistatic mat will a bracelet work?

  4. may I ask how to install i7core into the gaming laptops

  5. Is possible to put bigger battery in this laptop razer blade is thinner but has 70Wh battery

  6. what is the sRGB/adobeRGB percentage of the ips panel??

  7. "960GB SSD that I just had lying around" whaaaaat????

  8. Any suggestions for Gaming laptops under P350 that can play GTA V and CS:GO

  9. i found a iBUYPOWER box in the dump works perfectly

  10. why did u put a Wi-Fi card in it? did ur laptop not come with Wi-Fi?

  11. sata doesnt work as fast as the pcie ssd, the pcie ssd works 2X fatser than sata

  12. hey guys new to building laptops so not at all familiar with it. where can you buy a barebones laptop to start with?

  13. with other clevo models do i have to install an Modular gpu and cpu

  14. what kind of specs does this have, and how much does it cost?

  15. the ram you used is $100 you can get 32 gigs desktop ddr4 for less

  16. Is there an update to these models? I'm looking for a 17" with an i7 and a 1060 6G minimum.

  17. Hey, from what site can i buy the barebone laptop?

  18. So its basically a whole laptop minus a hard drive and ram? Does this save you any money? The "bare bones" laptops on that site are all pretty high if you get something with a decent graphics card, I've seen full laptops sell for cheaper on newegg, especially when they have specials.

  19. 2:45 gl with that, most wont do that at all

  20. from where to buy barebone in India? any clue will help?