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HORIZON ZERO DAWN (Honest Games Trailers)

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  1. lol the moutain with convenient placed hands hold.The hands hold are there for a reason. It's explained in the game thay Sylens put them there for Aloy

  2. Fleek is such a retarded term

  3. This game is dope. That's all there is to it.
    Say that. Lol

  4. Say: "Love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It punches hard then slow fades leaving you behind with a stranded marriage." from Rick and Morty too hahah

  5. Cheers for Rick and Morty Birdperson's phrase

  6. Also known as "The Horizon Games – Katniss D'oh!"

  7. GOTY material if it weren't a fucking console exclusive

  8. Y does she remind me of Zac effron?

  9. You guys should do an Age of Empires II Honest Trailer! Would totally be a hit with PC strategy gamers!

  10. And the title was : "DINO CRISIS 3"
    ROFL (literally)

  11. Horizon > Breath of the Whiners

    Because your shit doesn't break every 5 seconds. Whether it be the sweet as weapons made out of tin foil and glass, or the framerate dropping on your warped and glitchy Switch…

  12. And yet it's the best PS4 game I've bought so far ❤️❤️❤️
    I'm in love with this game's world

  13. guy from fringe again! ahahahahahahahahahaha

  14. Yay, they did a RWBY quote! 😀

  15. This poor game it's so similar to zelda to the point where it can't win GOTY

  16. If the Flintstones had giant robot dinosaur, that mean their purple dinosaur would of killed them by now.

  17. 3 days before zelda? what is zelda? xD

  18. Aloy…like Eloi.
    That's not derivative at all… XD

  19. This game looks like the love child of warframe and far cry primal

  20. Say "lick my shitter like an apple fritter"

  21. Lmfao @ Dino Crisis 3.
    Not nice.

  22. I Enjoyed this more than BOTW.

  23. spoiler you son of a bitch why would you give spoilers

  24. Am I the only one here in the comment section that loves Horizon Zero Dawn AND Breath of the Wild equally?

  25. I would be all over this, I fucking love all fo it, except for the fact that it is not on PC and never will and I legit hate console exclusives more than ever, like wtf, why do they do this to us.

  26. I want you to say: This is thing 2. He says you may feel free to call him Thing A if you like. He will also accept Super Thing, Thing King, Kid Dynamite, Chocolate Thun-da or Ben.

  27. from what ive seen of zelda it doesnt look fun at all, while im fighting huge cool ass chainsaw monsters youre fighting cute little goblins with weapons less durable than toothpicks.

    let that sink in…

  28. Zelda Breathe Of The 20fps is not that good. just overhyped as always. Aloy is not like this Poor version of Lara Croft. and it would be good GOTY material if it didn't come out a few days after Zelda ? 2 Million + Copies would say your wrong. BOTW will never reach those numbers anytime soon because Switch sold alittle over Wii U's launch numbers and not may people own Wii U to begin with .. so yeah…. cause it came out days apart anyone doesn't it can't be GOTY contender. this video was shit through and through.

  29. Liberal Game of the Year- Zelda

    Actual Game of the Year- Horizon Zero Dawn