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Heroes Academy Ep. 9 : Practice Routine | Heroes of the Storm Tutorials| HotS Guide | MFPallytime

Heroes Academy Ep. 9 : Practice Routine | Heroes of the Storm Tutorials | HoTs Guide | Hengest | TGN Squadron | HotS Guide

This video was sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

This episode showcases our recommended practice routine for those who wish to improve their gameplay and climb that ranked ladder!


Heroes Academy is a Heroes of The Storm tutorial series designed for the new HoTs player or as fundamental refresher course for the Heroes of the Storm experienced players out there.


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  1. Maybe something on the drafting process itself?

  2. When I saw "Practice Routine" I was expecting to hear about things like using the minimap reminder or tips to improve your positioning, using A-move / stutter stepping, etc.

  3. The biggest problem of me is pretty much the team motivation they are like
    Oh no we lost a fort now we will lose but they have lost like all fords
    And then I come tell the team a strategy while i am respawning and we win the battle

  4. placed plat 3 this season, havent touched it since….

  5. If i had to give 1 criticism about these videos. it would be that they don't come out often enough 🙁

  6. Haha this is so much fun to watch. Thanks Daniel <3