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Great $800 Full Setup Gaming PC Build 1080p Gaming PC January 2017

This is a $800 Gaming PC Build which will be excellent for playing all the latest games and future titles at 1080p at very good settings and very good framerates.


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  1. My eyes hurt when i see this Titanfall 2 gameplay
    You even wallrun bro!?!?

  2. Will the motherboard be too small for the Corsair 200R case?

  3. is the monitor compatible with ps4 pro or slim ? i would appreciate your responds

  4. Has anyone bought this setup if did can you tel me have you had any problems and is it worth to buy this !

  5. Please can somebody tell me if this GPU is good???Does it worth the money????

  6. Hey I'm new to all this I was wondering if you need a CPU cooler cause he didn't mention it

  7. hey if you followed his amazon cpu link it only comes with the processor not the cooler

  8. Can i replace the gpu with A rx480 Asus strix 8gb???

  9. the only game I can't maintain 60 fps on 1080p on highest settings is just cause 3 btw I have the rx480 this 800$ full setup video will get you more than what you pay for

  10. Just download a windows 10 without cd key at microsoft website then download WINDOWS TOOLKIT that will activate your windows for free

  11. what was the another case which was a bit more expensive? im bad at english so didnt quite get what did you say there.

  12. Thank u very much for this feedback!! Nice solud choises for mid range gaming, i only have some isses for the case!! overall very nice video i enjoyed it and ofc thumbs up + sub by me!!! I would like to see benchmarks with this build or a build you already own!! thanks a lot!!!

  13. lmao who paid for windows????

  14. You can get windows 10 free though.

  15. I don't think you understand that monitor is only at 6Hz

  16. question, what wifi card would be compatible with this build?

  17. what's the difference between kinguin and the 100 dollar version?

  18. if you're spending that money I feel like ur better off getting a gtx 1060. Yeah its a little more money but if u OC a 1060, you will be able to run more demanding games a little smoother

  19. Got my rx 480 (4GB) for $177 with a Doom for free.

  20. Neat-o! finally answered if the OS comes with the CPU or one of the other parts. Picking parts currently then going to save.

  21. I figured I had to buy a tower when my laptop couldn't run Star Wars Battlefront 2 on medium without lag…….

  22. how good would this be for streaming?

  23. Can this run overwatch,titanfall 2 battlefield 1 and dragon ball xenoverse 2