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Great $600 KABYLAKE Gaming PC Build 1080p Gaming PC March 2017

This is a $600 Gaming PC Build which will be excellent for playing all the latest games and future titles at 1080p at great settings and great framerates. Comment …


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  1. Nice build. However I would like to see this system actually being built and ran some games on to and see how it performs. It would really help making the decision to build it yourself.

  2. If I have a 3 TB external Hard drive, would I be able to connect it to the computer?

  3. Would adding a wireless adapter to this be a problem?? Cause I can't connect directly via Ethernet so would grabbing any wireless adapter work??

  4. is it just me or does mush talk a lot about each component?

    cpu- still a capable cpu blah blah blah.
    mobo- i know most of you dont have a extra cpu blah blah blah.
    ram- prices over the roof blah blah blah
    storage- no ssd blah blah blah, games off steam blah blah blah

    u get the point. im not trying to hate but just something ive noticed.

  5. a little over 750 if you buy it all using the amazon links

  6. 8 gigs of ram is good, but i upgraded to 16 gigs of ram and my pc starts less than 16 seconds. it makes your pc boot up very quickly with more ram

  7. Save 120 bucks and get a G4560. Get a better cooler, case, and maybe even an SSD for the money you're gonna get from it. Aside from that, not a bad build~ I love the RX 470, it's such an amazing GPU for the price 🙂

  8. I strongly believe the Kabylake Pentium is worth it replacing the i5 7500 if you want to lower the entire cost of this build. Oh and of course amazing video as always.

  9. What about your dream pc build?

  10. I have the same case, and I think I will never change it. It can fit anything, and it looks really professional, and slick in my opinion, and in a few years I will still probably use it when I get a gtx 1180, or whatever they will call it.

  11. I'm saving up to buy and build my first pc, and was looking for a smart looking pc case, I quite like the look of the thermaltake c22, and was wondering what your expert oppinion of it was? Thanks in advance.

  12. I see a good motherboard and PSU, I like.

  13. just waiting for my rig to. build i5 6600k, 500w power supply, 8g of ddr4 ram 1t hhd, diypc case, msi pro mother bored. i already got a msi gtx 1050ti l, now its the waiting game.

  14. When the PSU isn't the price you said 😀

  15. Great PC build for 2017! i made a 2017 Ryzen gaming build time lapse worth $2000 and would appreciate if you checked it out
    ! subbed

  16. For me this is about 900$ and thats way overpriced for me

  17. Can u make a Canadian video? That would be great lol

  18. Another loser who plays a game while talking about a gaming PC build. This shit isn't getting old, it already is.

  19. I'm always like 'wow only $600 for this' but I mean gotta pay for Win 10 + Monitor so you looking at easy $900

  20. Do a $1000 full gaming PC setup

  21. this PC is for a friend who will have a 700-800$ budget do u know anything i should change? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/HGCdwV

  22. Great video as always Mush. However I don't know whether you know the answer to this but why are the prices for these parts or the equivalent in the UK total to ~£700? Is this just because of overseas price markup or is there something I'm missing here? Thanks!

  23. They still make caviar blue drives in 2017?