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Gaming Laptop VS Gaming Desktop :: Which should you buy?!

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  1. "Overheating"…. Well depends on your laptop's maker, the cooling systems on my ASUS ROG laptop is really good. Less than 70 degrees Celsius on average with the GPU. Used the graphs that came with the MSI Afterburner.

  2. Who else went to Console to laptop to desktop to laptop?

  3. Should I get a gaming laptop? It's portable and convenient

  4. I recomend a desktop you can do more stuff with it like customize it but if you go on alot of trips and vacations I recomend a laptop.

  5. lol I always play with my laptop charging

  6. Should I get the new razer blade

  7. Your objective of cool is out the window

  8. Just a reminder you still need a mouse even though you are playing on a laptop

  9. what kind of laptop are you using? mine dosnt way a brick

  10. I can't decide which to get. I am studying at college but going home at weekends desktop or laptop? ._. pls suggest

  11. I use my ipad to do everything

  12. The new MacBook Pro,is a great gaming laptop

  13. My laptop playing modern games at ultra gets an hour and a half of battery, not fifteen minutes

  14. Definitely desktop, laptops are overpriced and have small screens.

  15. If im only playing csgo, overeatch and dota? i dont need good performance. plus i need something portable.

  16. not the good kind of thick*

  17. what if I plug my laptop into my monitor with a displayport

  18. my friend bought a laptop for 1200 euro and it has i5 and gtx 960m. What a delightful purchase

  19. so should i buy a gaming laptop i travel a bit in summer im going to croatia and to my country poland because normaly i live in sweden because i have a gaming pc so should i sell it ? and buy a laptop

  20. im geting the alienware 17 r4 and the life is 6 hours

  21. Laptop that can play games and not overheat in 20 mins=2000+ dollars
    Desktop that can play this year games=700 dollars+

  22. Laptops are 1000 2000 gaming pc u can get for 800-1000 that's good as well

  23. pro for desktop: its a lot cheaper than laptops

  24. You guys can call me an asshole for bragging but I have a desktop and a laptop

  25. PCs are fucking awfull! I tried Ark Survival on my £200 laptop and it doesn't even get 5fps. Just do some research and you debunk the 60fps argument.

  26. Is he playing black ops 3 on his P.C?

  27. I came here cause my conscious feels heavy for some reason.

    I currently have a gaming desktop, with a nvidia geforce graphics card and and good processor. I play games like WoW and Overwatch all the time on it without any lag. However, I've always wanted a gaming laptop (but I purchased my desktop a while ago because it was the cheaper alternative).

    I'm 16, and I have $500 saved up. And, most laptops good enough for WoW (and I'm basing it on this game solely because it's the most demanding game I play on PC) are usually $800 at least.

    I know many people would tell me to not waste my money on a laptop considering that I already have a PC, but I've always wanted to be able to take my games with me wherever I go. I almost just want to spend my money on something else, but anytime I think about blowing my money on something that's not a gaming laptop, I feel incomplete… if that makes sense.

    I don't know what to do with myself. I'm running out of patience to save for my dream laptop.

  28. i have an alienware 17 but its screen's only 14 inch so i purchased a monitor man!

  29. You can use the gaming laptop and use a gaming mouse AMAZING

  30. I don't have to worry about battery, its always plugged in m8.

  31. To everyone commenting about Pascal laptops, yes they exist and they give you desktop gaming on a laptop, some even sa thin as 0.75". This video is well over a year and since then the changest in laptop gaming have occured since then. So before we ready the cannons keep in mind the date which this video was out: January 28, 2016.

  32. @AaronWonOne I dont think I can build a desktop because I travel alot

  33. The only reasons i wish i had a desktop is that my laptop screen is smaller and I cant swap out parts easily. I also use my laptop for school worm which means i take it to all my classes. its not too bad.

  34. I am writing this Down on a gaming Laptop, and this Laptop is in Norway, and i come from Norway.

  35. Battery Life.:
    I don't expect people to be playing GTA V on their lunch break at work or at star bucks. The best thing you can do for the battery is to take it out and just plug it into the wall if you're going to be playing at your friends house or in your college dorm room etc.

    Another pro for laptops is form factor. If you live in a small apartment or of course a small dorm room then I laptop would be what you want if you don't have a whole lost of desk space.

    Another pro for laptops are the warranties. Your whole laptop is covered in the event something breaks.

    At the end of the day, if you have the money to invest then I recommend buying both a laptop and a desktop. So you could have a desktop at home and game on that and when you're going to your friend's house to play a game you can simply bring your laptop. I don't see a laptop as a desktop replacement but rather a extension of your desktop. If you have the money to invest I recommend getting both. As far as brands go, the only brand I recommend now for gaming laptops is ASUS. I'm a huge fan of ASUS when it comes to laptops and desktop hardware.

  36. I just wished for the answer not like an entire book

  37. lol i owned a gaming laptop predator 15 and could say the battery is good , when i go to school i can play up to 4 games in league of legends which mean about 3 ~ 4 hours of gameplay , if i use it to play GTA 5 max ultra setting i will get like 2 hours , and if i bumb down the resolution and setting to ps4 i can get like 3 hours of gameplay , i had a gaming pc before like 2 years ago running gtx 780 and with desktop i feel like im masturbating to my self

  38. Get a desktop then work towards a gaming laptop

  39. my laptop isn't a gaming laptop but a workstation. It games pretty good, about an hour or 2 worth of battery life, 4k 17 inch screen. Not as powerful as a Desktop, but since its a workstation and its on the bigger side, it still plays games at 1080 pretty much maxed out. Depending on the game, I can sometimes push 4K. But at that point, the price jumps and I suggest buying a Desktop. I got my laptop because I deploy a lot and wanted to take my projects to go.

  40. will it play calculator with 10 fps?

  41. Why not just buy both it makes the most sense like what if you were at your friends house or family members house and you were board and wanted to play pc games with him or her you could use your laptop and when you are at home you can use your desktop