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Game Maker tutorials (Adding Videos to Your Game)

Here’s my video for adding videos to your game on Game Maker 8 Pro. Hopefully it helps you guys make awesome games. To Ryushin6, hope this is what you wanted.

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ENJOY!!! 😀


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  1. Hi I'm stumped on how to create my Dev logo intro.splash screen. I made an initial one using just a few Sprites, and Sounds. But I needed to use a Blank Room in-front of my Splash Room, just to sync the start of the animation properly.

    I like your Splash Video idea though. This could save me time & memory.

    Also, I find it easier to make "gif's" and videos in "PhotoShop", than creating Spritesheets-myself.

    I have a few questions:

    1. I'm using GM Studio, but I'll eventually 'import' it into the new GMS 2 too. I prefer 'coding' to DND. Do you know what the GML function is, for playing a Splash Video?

    2. Does the Room Speed (in GMS2: Animation Speed) affect the smoothness of the videos? Because ideally, I want all my Rooms to run at 60fps, without any problems.

    3. Are you still taking 'Spritesheet – Requests'? If so, how long will it take?

  2. Is it possible to make like Quicktime events using splash videos? Maybe have a cutscene looping until you press a button and a different animation plays. Then maybe at the end of that animation a different loop starts? I've been trying to figure out how to do this as an experiment trying to find ways to work around GameMaker's limitations when it comes to large sprites.

  3. If the first thing you see in tutorail is Internet Explorer, you know something fishy is going on…

  4. how do i make the video play on start?

  5. now how do i do this in ds game maker?

  6. Is there any way to do this on Game Maker Studio?

  7. How do you remove the little x?

  8. can you do a tuto which learn "adding executable" in game? thanks you're genius!!

  9. Mine just flashes for a second than it goes away. Does anyone have a soloution for this or is mine just corrupt.

  10. Is it possible to link certain commands in a game you're making with the video? E.g. you have a game where you're shooting at your enemies and depending on how precisely you hit them a different video shows up? Is that possible in game maker? And you were mentioning a ''pro edition'', is this one still free?

  11. It looks like the possibility to play videos like this was removed. Neither the drag&drop-option is still there, nor the function splash_play_video is still known. Are there any other ways to do this? I'd also like to use a video as background for my menu. Any chances on doing that?

  12. You can use it too if you want to crash your computer.

  13. OK! This is simple, BUT …

    If I wish to control the video, for example:

    – Forward and rewind the video
    – Pause

    Can you tell me how?

  14. The wiki says to use AVI, MPG, or WMV.

  15. is there any way to get rid of the "X"?

  16. Internet explore is ONLY for downloading other browsers.

  17. I did exactly what you said in the tutorial, but its just coming up as a black screen :S. the video I am using is an MP4 file, does that make a difference?