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FREDDE Desk Review » Gaming and Productivity Computer Workstation

In-Depth review of the Ikea Fredde computer workstation. Everything you need to know about this gaming & productivity focused desk. Is it worth the cash? Find out in my review. Cheers!

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Hi everyone,

Since the making of this video I have been doing a lot of research into back, neck, and shoulder pain as a result of sitting down for long periods of time (read on for some basic tips).What I am learning is that I really need to change some of the bad habits I have formed while sitting on a chair at my desk. We always seem to have to adapt to our chair and desks but I think it should be the other way around.

It is so important that we sit with a good posture and take regular breaks. I will be making a video regarding this topic from the research I do at a later date and I will link it to this video. When sitting on your chair at your desk, try to maintain the natural curve of your spine. A chair with good lumbar support would help with this.

But remember, a chair was not custom designed for you and your body type. So unless your chair is fully adjustable, you may need to improvise to achieve the desired level of comfort and ergonomics for long periods of sitting.

From my research, your eyes should be level with the top of (or near the top of) your monitor. You should use your eyes to look down and not your neck. Tilting the head downward to look at your monitor is bad but tilting upwards can also be bad. It’s all about creating that natural balance so the weight of your head is not putting any strain on your neck muscles.

Also, try to keep your ears level with your shoulders and your elbows close to your body. Your arms should bent at around a 90 degree angle.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please do your own research into this matter. Don’t follow what I say because there is still so much more I need to research on this subject. You can never spend too much time researching this subject because it is so important for our health. We humans are not designed or supposed to be sitting down for the lengths of time we do.

Unfortunately, unless we have fancy and very expensive adjustable chairs and standing/sitting desks, we will have to educate ourselves as best we can. If we sit at the right height, in the right way, take regular breaks, and exercise daily, then we should be able to remain pain and stress free.

It’s all about creating new habits. It will seem strange at first but will be very worthwhile as time goes by.

Stay comfortable at your desk and mind your backs everyone.


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Thanks for watching and I hope to see you again soon!



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  1. Hello new sub<——– I love your video's you make them very helpfull and enjoyable to watch. and i love the desk set up Looks awsome :P…
    Also i love the office chair with the white stitching. could you please tell me the make and model of the chair and where you bought it from.and i love that foot rest. this whole set up you have would help me loads when im gaming for hours

    I just love your set up its looks awsome and i would like the same for my new desk set up along with my new p.c build 😛

    Many thanks

  2. Thanks for the review. My question relates to my current setup. I have an old computer desk, with a setup as follows:
    * Main Desk – 24" Monitor, Mac Mini (including CD drive and external HDD), Multimedia Speakers, Kinect Sensor
    * Keyboard Shelf – Keyboard and Mouse
    * Printer Shelf – Xbox One (note that this has to be horizontal)
    * Bottom Shelf – Power Adapters and clutter

    I'm searching for a desk which can handle all my current gadgets, but also allow for other consoles and/or a PC to be added in future.

    The Fredde desk seems great apart from those small shelves underneath (not wide enough for the xbox one). Is there an option for wider shelves, or can I put a shelf (or a small unit) between the two shelves for my xbox or other consoles?

    Does anybody else using a console gaming setup with a monitor at a desk? If so, do you recommend your setup, or know of a better desk available in the UK?

  3. Fredde doesn't stand for anything it's just a swedish nickname

  4. Cheers for the video. Where did you get the chair man?

  5. please.
    tell me asaply what tv fot this?
    can 50 or 55 inch fot?

  6. I plan on getting this desk along with a alex drawer to put my Pc on in about a month or two. I cant wait because this desk looks awesome and im so sick of my current desk that ive been using for 7 years because its broken, ugly, and pretty much ruined thanks to my brother (he managed this just about a month after we got the desk). Not to mention it weighs like a ton and is a pain to move around, also it being broken dose not help the matter. I seriously can not wait to get this desk im so exited and soon after im going to build a high end 1440p 165hrz gaming PC so I can play csgo above 60fps on a nice 1440p monitor with this fantastic desk to bring everything together.

  7. Looks like this desk may solve a good deal of issues that come with my current setup. This paired with a big curved monitor should be flight and racing sim nirvana.

  8. 22 minute desk review.. really?

  9. I am 19… Do I need a parent? I have my brother and sister though. My mom rather have "us" build the desks because she gets confused about stuff and this will be mine while she has hers.

  10. Will this hold a 1440 Ultra wide with a normal 27"?

  11. Thank you so much for all of the extra measurements! I have been trying to find these for a week! I can finally say I am going to buy this desk.

  12. Would it be suitable to use a laptop on this desk with the center cut out piece?

  13. What's holding your headset in that place?

  14. you sound so much like connor mcgregor

  15. Are the lower shelves optional?

  16. fredde is a swedish word because IKEA all the product names are in swedish.

  17. Looking into one of these 🙂

    I run a 32" monitor as my main, but I do have 2 24" I wish to use.
    Although you said that this desk wasn't optimal for triple screens,
    I'm toying with the idea to mount the 2
    on a separate arm, so I guess my question is how sturdy the desk is
    and if it will support the weight of 3 screens?

    Thumbs up on the video btw 🙂

  18. What's the maximum possible distance between lower and upper monitor shelves?

  19. How are you hanging your headset?
    Also, can you tell me the depth of the shelf that holds the monitor?

  20. What is the measurement between the 2 shelves? And by shelves I mean the one your monitor sits on and the upper shelf.

  21. awesome video

    I was really concerned with my pc not fitting in those bottom sheleves
    but i'm glad it doesn't have to be included

  22. how did you take the bottom shelf off? i fell like the desk will jjst collapse if i took it off (my pc is just to the left of the shelf)

  23. Will the FREDDE desk fit a 27-inch monitor with the shelf on top?

  24. Great review ! 🙂 Just came back from IKEA. Got the very same table. It's still inside my car. Will be setting it up tomorrow 🙂 Can't wait!!