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FIFA 17 – Ultimate Team Championship Series – Paris Regional Grand Finals Game 1-Highlights

Biggest EA SPORTS Tournament Ever Paris Regionals Feb/4/2017

FIFA 17 – Ultimate Team Championship Series – Paris Regional Grand Finals Game 1-Highlights

Hashtag Tass Vs S04_Cihan Grand Finals Game 1

Season One Regional Finals
Paris – Feb 4
Sydney – Feb 11
Miami – Feb 19

Season Two Regional Finals
Vancouver – April 8
Singapore – April 22
Madrid – May 6

Ultimate Team Championship Finals
Berlin – May 20
FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final
London – August

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  1. I tried playing online once, then people start doing fancy shit. I just quit and play career mode lol.

  2. I love buy the Microsoft socorpio if legends are not'ps4 available

  3. please i'm in Ghana i want a philanthropist to buy me an Nvidia graphics card and ship to me in Ghana. i can't afford to buy myself one. I love your review too. I'm a huge fan of Nvidia too

  4. te los venden como los mejores pero son super malos, cual de los 2 comete más errores tontos, además de jugar con jugadores de media 90, son un chiste de jugadores.

  5. could have played more better than them…???

  6. I remember being able to win div 1. with welbeck and calejon back in fifa 2015 now I face ronaldo and shit in one every fucking game

  7. hey man whats they camera settings?..i thinks the camera settings it's good

  8. George Best doing that Lebron James celebration. LOL

    It's written on my channel Fasso gameplay

  10. help. me
    I've played both demo and the actual game. The demo ran perfectly fine without any issues, but the actual game is having an extremely slow camera. Whenever there's a long pass or long and quick through ball, my camera will have to wait for a couple seconds to get the ball on screen again. Meanwhile, I can't see the ball or the receiver, instead I'm still seeing the player who has just sent the pass. I've tried different resolutions, different graphic quality settings, never fixed the issue. Please help, this could get very frustrating in some intense games.

  11. with that formation, you cant called yourself PRO

  12. Please watch my fifa vids please, Thanks!

  13. I'll sub to everyone who likes this comment, subs to me, and comments done. I'll also support your videos if it's gaming because that's what my channel is based on!

  14. yo les ganaría a ellos dos, si tan solo pudiera llegar allí, pero no tengo Xbox ni Ps 3 o 4, 🙁

  15. They both play similar very boring game playing and I hate ultimate team power ups and all kinds of dumshit..what is this Pokémon..I love FIFA tho and kick off is were is at ..no lag or no bullshit just smooth game playing ..online always slow and lagging kind of kills the game..wish they had kickoff tournament with regular teams so I could of won it??

  16. BOBDASUL is the best of player America (xbox one)

  17. Can anyone please tell me where is the live streaming

  18. These are not good? they Don't even jockey. I would kill these?

  19. This is better then no life cod pros cuz people who play fifa actually do it in reality

  20. Jesus… EA is trying to push competitive this year with 17 and it's obvious they are insisting on using UT mode due to how popular UT is but it's really a shame that this is how competitive matches are being played.

    You have 99 TOTY Ronaldo with all 99 pace and 99 shooting up front with a Legends striker likely also all 99's shooting. This is not how competitive should be played….

  21. these guys suck at Fifa. the best players in the world don't play tournaments on a live TV broadcast.

  22. this game looks crappie on console