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Everything I Learned From Building My First Gaming PC | How Hard Was It?

I learned a lot from building my first gaming pc, initially I was intimidated by the thought of building, but looking back I found the process to be very worthwhile.


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  1. If you don't have friends go to reddit and find the sub pcmasterrace and ask around, you'll be good

  2. gtx 1080, i7
    and ur playing at capped 60 fps? the fuk niga?

  3. 0:35 if you dont have time to build you propably dont have time to game xD

  4. I'm 14, built my PC in November 2016. Took alot of dedication to do the researching, and it took alot of patience to build it. But since I'm into this stuff, it was all fun. Seriously, the world of PC's is exciting, and once you're done with the build, it's pure pleasure.

  5. Dude, get to the F'ing point!

  6. it took me a long ass time building my first PC but when you think about it. it's so worth it. you actually learn something. and once your done your done and then you can upgrade whenever the hell you want to.

  7. If anyone here needs anyhelp go to my channel and comment and i will reply to your question answering it

  8. I don't have friends to help me out with how to go about it. I'm super close to buying a prebuilt but its coming out to close to 1.5 k for the pc alone. I was wondering if you could help me out with picking out parts. I'm looking to use the pc for gaming primarily and possibly for animation software and the basic functions such as word for college work. I'm not too sure about how to pick out which intel model. My assumption is that if I go with i7 the pc will last me longer. The games I primarily use are league and smite and want to start overwatch, my initial reason for wanting a pc. I do plan on expanding from this small pool once I have a system that I know can handle it. Looking back, getting a mac was not the best decision.I was hoping to keep the budget within 1k for the pc since I want to have money left over to buy the monitor. The help would be great.

  9. I don't get it, how to you upload with such a quality like that? Such an awesome work good job.

  10. BBKDRAGOON, this video helped me out a lot thanks a lot for making this video. Could you take a look at my parts list? I want my PC to be able to run low-to-mid load games with an upgrade path for the future. I went with a motherboard that could support an i5 6400 or an i5 6600 and a few others. Just let me know if there are any issues or if I went overkill on a part. I understand if you don't have the time to do this but just consider it. Anyway, here is my parts list: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/ztbahbaz/saved/zG2nQ7

  11. you helped me a lot and encoruyed me to build a pc but still the money is a problem because i live in Croatia and i dont know is it safe to order from Amazon

  12. One of my biggest questions is that do every part for a PC connect to each other or u need specific parts to connect

  13. really nice build. Seems a bit strange that you went "overkill" (your words not mine) on some things like RAM/GPU etc but skimped out on some things that really matter like the CPU cooler. 212 is decent but but for a little more you can such a better cooler

    nice build though

  14. Anyone Can Cook -Gusteau.

    Anyone Can Build A PC -This Guy.

  15. is his first time biulding by himself, witha 1080 , so lucky 🙂

  16. hey i just found this video and im trying to make my own pc if u could semd me an email telling me some good edvice besides whats on this video thank you

  17. I think all the dislikes are because he was playing hanzo

  18. if anyone needs help picking out parts or has questions or even just wanna know good resources to help them, I'm your guy. message me!

  19. Nice! Yeah really if you have access to internet, you'll be allset. Prebuilt are a bane imo, Building your own is better. I have had a similar experience back in 2010, I bought a "gaming pc" from ibuypower. Now I had all the experience to build one, I built a few as of that time, but their customer support sucked, and I was working 60 hours a week, so I did what you did but didn't cancel lol. So now fast forward, got my ryzen build up and running and love it, wasn't my first build but Prebuilt you always get kinda screwed. Better value building it yourself.

    I'm pretty impressed that in your first build, you installed a hyper 212 evo cooler. That fan is such a pain in the ass to put in haha, pretty impressive you got it in. Now I'm on the fence with getting an AIO but the stock wraith cooler I have with my ryzen 1700 is legit the easiest fan to put in, and surprisingly pretty good for a stock fan, but I'd rate difficulty between 1-10, the evo like a 7 and the AMD wraith to like a 1-2. lmao

  20. I have no Friends 🙁
    I'm just sad about that lol.

  21. Wish you were a tech channel mann XDD

  22. Can u build a decent pc for cheep?

  23. My first pc : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4HwJGf


  24. I remember when I built my first PC myself back in April of 2001. The specs from what I recall were an intel pentium 3 processor at 1.0 ghz, 256 mbs of pc133 sdram, an nvidia geforce 2 with 32 mbs of vram, a 40 gb hard drive, and I had it running Windows Me, which later, I upgraded it to XP..

  25. I just built the same system except a single 1080, Enjoy!

  26. The computer i have now was bought off an amazon listing by cyberpower and when i did the math it was cheaper than what i was looking for in self built and better all it took to make it really good was a upgraded gpu

  27. One of the friendliest and most encouraging videos for someone building their 1st PC. Thank you for this and happy gaming! 🙂

  28. If you got a 650w psu you could have gotten a better cpu

  29. the only thing i am worried about is instaling windows, how do you do that

  30. I wasnt as nervous about my cpu as you were, but i was extremely scared of any static electricity with my mobo as a whole especially since it was the most expensive part, asus rampage v extreme… lol

  31. damn 6 hours? on my first try it only took me an hour .-.

  32. So no time to build a PC but you have time to play video games? Dafaq?

  33. This is the EXACT video I was looking for!! Thx so much for sharing your experience??

  34. lol i love you go through the comments and theres like the 10% saying how if you put in the work you can get a great one for cheap, then theres the 90% with names like "XDMiencreftcastle6969" with the epic face as there picture saying how there poor or how its impossible to get good parts or some shit along those lines.

  35. Mounting everything is the only remotely tricky part. People just find electronics intimidating.

  36. how well could a Pentium g4560 with a gtx1050ti and 8gbs of ram run overwatch?

  37. Did I hear it correctly when you specified getting an ASUS Strix 1080? If so, are you having any artifacting or graphical glitches of any kind? I just bought mine yesterday(March 11th) and straight away I had artifacting and graphical errors.

  38. Hi I'm building my first computer please tell me what you think