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EVERYTHING – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Everything is a beautiful new interactive experience from David OReilly, narrated by the late great philosopher Alan Watts – coming to Playstation on March 21st

Discover more at http://www.everything-game.com

Everything is an narrated sandbox in which everything you see is a thing you can be, from animals to planets to galaxies and beyond. Travel between outer and inner space, and explore a vast, interconnected universe of things without enforced goals, scores, or tasks to complete.


Everything © David OReilly 2017
Music © Ben Lukas Boysen 2017
Alan Watts recordings used with permission © Alan Watts 1973


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  1. I hooe to god this is not going to be the new trend… ???

  2. if it will really be narrated by Alan Watts's speechs, it will be an instabuy. if not……..meh

  3. This game seems so full of itself lool

  4. ok sure but wytf are the animals rolling around

  5. I feel like they're trying to redo Journey with mild changes

  6. pewdiepie played a game simailar to this!!

  7. National Geographic posted on the wrong channel.

  8. Haha the bears– wait… w– w–what?

  9. as small as this is… this is something humanity needed to experience. It will prove most useful to those who think less and are unaware of their 'surroundings'. So cool that this is a videogame.

  10. I really like how they have Alan Watts in this advertisement and how in sync the preview of this game is with the lecture he's giving. Dope presentation. I hope this game really brings about a revolution in peoples consciousness in how they perceive….well…..EVERYTHING!

  11. Idk but this is beautiful what he is talking about

  12. What a sooting experience this game was.

  13. what kind of drugs did the producer took? monkaS

  14. Nice C-Seti dance patterns =)

  15. I want to fly the earth into the sun =)

  16. Do a barrel roll! Press A to shoot!

  17. does anyone have a script of this?

  18. if you are the universe, then this is playing with yourself.

  19. This game looks amazing. But the movement of the animals is what makes me turn away from it.

  20. This was a very relaxing science lecture rather than a violent game trailer

  21. did you know there is a rockstar guy running this game.

  22. Oh well at least it's better than no man's sky….

  23. in short
    "We are made of everything and everything is a part of us"

  24. can anybody tell me which alan watts lectures these are from?

  25. so I know it's by Alan Watts what which on?