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Epic New Gaming Desk Setup & Evodesk.com review

A massive upgrade from previous setup as I went a little overboard this past Black Friday. With a new Desk, monitors, video card, and 4 new screens leads to me putting together my dream gaming setup.

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System Specs:

i7-5820k @ 3.30Ghz
Asus X99-A 3 way Crossfire/SLI USB 3.0
120mm Watercooler
ThermalTake 750W 80 Plus gold
16 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400 MHZ
EVGA GeForce GTX 970 FTW 4GB

Intro Video created by:

Intro Music by
“The Decent” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com


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  1. Yeah for that price Evodesk should have made it easier for the customer to put it   together.  I was thinking about getting a evodesk and this video was made in 2015 and I am watching it in 2017 so I hope evodesk have made some improvement with their desks.

  2. How is the desk holding up? Any issues so far?
    With the cable management in the back is there still a lip in the back of the desk?
    I want to get different monitor arms that would clamp into the back of the desk.

  3. can we mount 38 inch lg moniter on evo desk

  4. I cant trust my 10 grand PC like this, how can you ?

  5. How does the pc mount work?

  6. What shock mount and boom stand are you using for your mic? I have the blue yeti and I hate the desk stand

  7. I was actually looking to buy this table but I found a local carpenter and had him build me a table just like this for only $330. also I was able to have him build it to the exact size I wanted. which was 52 in. nice setup tho. just overpaid by like 1200.

  8. Couple things: How is the desk faring about a year after use? Specifically, is the mount showing any signs of falling out because of drilling directly into the tabletop?

    Second, is calling it a "CPU" just a thing with you and followers or do you like making nerds cringe at the terminology? Lol

  9. I'm probably gonna get this, it's great for a gaming/art studio set up. Only thing bugging me is my PC probably won't fit in the mount because it's huge so I don't know how to make it functional with the standing 🙁

  10. Dude you have a cable management tray use it! Nothing I hate worst the an unorganized cable system. It just make you look sloppy.

  11. When calling the company did they say anything about the screws not fitting properly or the CPU mount not having holes pre drilled into the wood? Was that a mistake? I don't want to go thru that if that's the case I won't buy it. Thanks in advance

  12. Thehumansolution and Jarvis are both more reputable companies that offer the same or better product

  13. On the website, it says the Studio L desk is only 72 inches?

  14. How exactly did you get the mount to hold up the computer?

  15. how the hell yoh afford this, then have a mic for a pro set up and have such little subscribers

  16. I wouldn't be surprised if the CPU mount is a third party add-on/afterthought or they want you to feel free to mount the CPU wherever it works for you rather than a static spot under the desk. Thanks very much for the review.

  17. Hey, im looking to buy a desk exactly like yours, but i have heared its shaking a bit when you write? It sounds really silly how a expensive desk like this can shake when you write on your keyboard? Is this true? Thank you

  18. Very informational video subbed to you.

  19. Sick setup. You had me at VG248. I have the same monitor but I use that now for my Xbox. I have the Acer XB270HU for pc gaming. I was interested in this desk. Now, I'm not so sure. Great review.

  20. Had any issues so far? The review's are not great.

  21. You could build your desk out of wood for fraction of the cost of that thing that out live you.

  22. Razer razer razer… BARF dual gtx 970? hahahahahha damn you dont know how to spend you cash

  23. Great video. Very honest. Thanks so much!

  24. I really liked this video 🙂 you're an underrated youtuber!

  25. Thanks for the video! That is quite the upgrade. My one bit of constructive criticism would be: Make your point and move on. You spend a good 15 minutes beating the crap out of one or two points. When you were filming, that makes sense, but when you get to editing, cut that stuff down. Perhaps just throw a re-cap in at the end. You'll keep more people watching if you move along at a good pace.