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DXRacer Gaming Desk: Is it Worth the Money? Full Unboxing + Assembly + First Impressions (PART 1)

My hair is messed up in this video. Gimmie a break, I rolled out of bed and did this lol.

Also, I have not been paid, sponsored, endorsed, or slept with DXRacer. I purchased the desk to finish my ‘at home’ setup for my upcoming videos. I risked the high price tag in the hopes of getting a life changing desk that will make my content creation less stressful. I am doing this series out of general curiosity in the hopes of enlightening people on the practicality of this product. DXRacer makes expensive, yet amazing chairs. Will their desk fill the LATTER half of those criteria? My goal is to find out.

Check out the DXRacer Gaming Desk here:

Shoutout to Linus and Luke for their coverage of the prototype:

Intro: 00:00
DxRacer History/Accomidations: 01:00
Gaming Desk Expectations: 04:35
Unboxing: 09:17
First Impressions: 10:58
“Gaming” Desk Features: 14:46
Things to Expect in future coverage: 17:06

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  1. 20mins should be enough to review the product but ended up talking gibberish.soz

  2. 4:33

    (also who's here after watching part of the chair break on livestream lel)

  3. Recently bought a DXRacer Iron. I'm 6'3" and the reason I chose this was because its made for people up to 6'4" ish. The King series was up to 205CM (7ft?) and it was quite a lot more in money. But bottom line, do the research on the chairs, it will help you. Im superhappy so far

  4. I CLICKED saw you Horryble cable management but I was like okay I'll let it slide few seconds later you say " YOU DO YOUTUBE FOR A LIVING " alright I'll let it slide – BUT NOWW you say YOU DON'T BELIVE IN A GOD / please quit youtube

  5. your hair looks like one of those square watermelons

  6. Why this nigga hair look like king tut

  7. this is a terrible review, spends the first 5 minutes of the video talking about himself and his accomplishments. i didnt click on a chair review to hear a breakdown of your youtube career.

  8. look at 16:01 there is some one on the top left shadow figure

  9. Is it worth the money? The nigger doesn't say he just rambles on and on and on

  10. 4 mins in no actualy review of the damn table what a waste of time

  11. nigga look like a paint brush? nah man all love. great video.

  12. this kinda seems like a prodcut meant for e-spots / sponsored lans.

  13. Nice to meet you man you seem like a cool guy I will subscribe and watch your videos

  14. The dxracer brings a lot to the table, well no shit bru it brings you to the table

  15. Wait, you are 6"6?!! I thought you were 5"11 or somewhere around that ball park

  16. Your hair are very exam a monkey