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DNSQ: The Hidden Tutorial in Super Metroid

Super Metroid is hailed as one of the best games of the 16-bit era and for good reason. On this episode of DNSQ, Ronnie reveals Super Metroid’s best kept secret, the hidden game design decisions that help shape the player’s experience without ever breaking the game’s sense of isolation.


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  1. I got in the room without the boots

  2. 6:48 but I didn't use the high jump boots to get up there! Must be why I can't beat Kraid. Btw I used the bomb and mashed B (yes I use B to attack). Then after writing this comment I noticed that he also did this technique.

  3. I'm convinced the developers of this game sold their souls to the devil for the ability to create the best game of all time. That is the only way genius of this magnitude can possibly exist. lol, obviously I'm not being serious. …But seriously, the genius of this game is practically supernatural. Few can match it.

  4. Had to dislike it, sorry, saying the game teaches platforming, you could say that about any game that puts an obstacle in the way.

  5. Super metroid reminds me of snaliad

  6. Dud your a good guy quit beeting your self up

  7. Man, you didnt even talk about that corridor that falls apart and makes you learn that you can run! And those little animals that teach you that you can wall jump and charge jump. Those were awesome.

    Great video!

  8. Ronnie's voice is so soothing to listen to.

  9. it is a really good game….but what i dont get is why its possible to get super missiles early xD i mean,its soooo easy,i didnt look at the internet and did it. now,i always do it in new playthroughs

  10. Wow. Awesome video. I'll be sure to look out for sub-SEE-quent uploads

  11. Hahahhaha who uses the hi jump boots,just do a wall jump on that place

  12. Still probably the best game eveeerrr.

    I remember back in the day getting 100%, I was really disappointed the ending didn't change (i'd been using the same instance over and over for hours on end). I was gutted when I saw the speed runs years later that you saw samus out of her suit! Still can't complain, so much new stuff to play through now!

  13. basically for the first quarter of the game there is only one path depending on your skillset. Its difficult to actually get lost because unless you can sequence break there are only a few things you can do at any one time.

    but the game feels expansive at all points, so new players might think theyre lost, but if you pay attention and dont sequence break there is really not a lot of choice in destination until about 1/4 through the game.

    then you get to the crashed ship and meridia and then its just a crazy maze that you can legit get lost in easily.

    I can respect a player if they get to the crashed ship or meridia and decide its too hard to figure out where to go, but before them your options are actually tightly controlled

    unless of course youre a speedrunner. then all bets are off. ive been playing this game for 20 years and even now i still see things in it that make me go "huh. didnt know it was possible to do that."

  14. If any of the experiments on the hatchling were torturous, the scientists got what they deserved.

  15. This video basically just re-iterates the concepts talked about in Hugo Bille's "The Invisible Hand of Super Metroid," though not as clearly or with as much insight.

  16. What I also like is how Fusion masterfully corrupts the whole system! Samus has lost her agency, and as such so does the player! Samus is taking orders and the flow halts as a result. You must go where you're intended to when you're intended to. One of the few legitimate sequence-breaks results in you being told to go back and do it the right way. But near the end, it starts slowly coming back. But not before the one giving Samus orders deadlocks her into an argument (one of the longest halts of progression and flow in the entire mainline series)!

  17. Wish it had an ingame tutorial for the "noob bridge", hate that thing.

  18. this video should be required viewing for anyone designing games, i really do miss the days of figuring it out for myself instead of the constant hand holding and gamesplaining that goes on nowadays in most major titles

  19. the only good video from this channel

  20. "Metal Gear Solid 4?! I love that movie!"
    Ronnie's great.

  21. I never heard of this game before I bought it. took it home and beat over and over again trying to get all the items. only managed 93%. just a masterpiece of a game

  22. I also love the moment when you get the Gravity Suit.
    They basically throw you in water afterwards forcing you to realize that you can move unrestrained in water now.

  23. If you intentionally made your intro to be bad, you did a terrible job.

  24. oh boy it's'a Mega Man!

    this game makes dick ROCK HARD