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Disney Infinity 2.0 – Part 1 – Game Introduction and Tutorials

We are playing Disney Infinity 2.0 on the WiiU.

Here we start getting a gist of the games controls by a series of tutorials provided in the toy box world. We unlocked a few things and leveled up as well.


-11:44 – Autopia Car Unlocked

-13:35 – Star-Lord Level 1

-16:37 – Star-Lord Level 2

-17:40 – Star-Lord Plasma Assault Attack Upgrade

-19:00 – Bonus Toy: King Louie Costume Unlocked

-22:50 – Star-Lord Level 3

-24:26 – Star-Lord Mid-Air Recovery Upgrade

-27:15 – Star-Lord Level 4


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  1. Hah, it's a lil bit strange one

  2. My Game did do the tutorial.:(

  3. Is the Marvel playsets necessary if 2.0 is being downloaded?

  4. We are just starting out as a parent and child gaming team and I really liked your video. By the way, what hardware did you use to produce this? Any chance you can visit our channel and give us some advice?

  5. _(/)__,——-,__ a bunny coming out of the ground

  6.  (_/)                                                                                                                                      (-_-) 

  7. on my game once stitch goes on the building it as something that says jump down and i can jump down but once you get on the ground you can't do anything but walk (_/)                                                                                                                                      (-_-)

  8. Hey how mach money dose the wiiu cost

  9. i want a Junglebook playset SO badly

  10. you have such a nice commentary.

    you talk enough so it can be seen as commentary, however you dont talk too much to the point of annoyance

  11. where do you get this money to afford all this stuff?

  12. This is Great and the Part where the Disney Characters from the First Game along with New Ones(Such as Hiro and Baymax, Merida, Aladdin and Maleficent) are with them this game is going to be great.

  13. Skipped a bit with the saving the princess bit, I see. XD

  14. Kingdom Hearts is one of your favorite games, eh? Which of the game series for it have you played?

  15. They said there will be no PvP/Battle Mode in Skylanders Trap Team anymore so…. I think I may switch to this for Christmas. I wanna see how the new toy box mode plays anyway!