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Dev Says Xbox Scorpio Needs Exclusive Games Otherwise Xbox One Will Hold It Back

No matter what, Xbox Scorpio, Xbox One, PS4, PS4 Pro or even PC games, all of them will have the exact same gameplay. Only difference will be graphics or performance. (SOURCE)http://gamingbolt.com/project-scorpios-compatibility-with-xbox-one-can-limit-how-its-technology-is-utilized-says-developer

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  1. There is only 25-30m Xbox ones out there. Not 35-40.

  2. I'm not sure what ppl are talking about.  With DirectX 12 and UWP, it should be pretty straight forward for Developers to work on Scorpio gameplay.  PC games can totally out tiered console games,  but Developers still work on them concurrently and release them concurrently.  Scorpio games will just run in 1080/60 flawlessly, where as XB1 won't.  In another 4 years, the next Xbox will do the same to the Scorpio.  How does anybody thing that this is a bad thing?

  3. I thought UWP would take of problems like that. You make the most powerful version of a game on Scorpio and scale it back for XB1.
    BTW: I subbed pimpin!

  4. To take full advantage of the console the Xbox one must be left behind. It's the sad truth. In the same way console holds back PC the original Xbox one will hold back Scorpio. The problem is the Scorpio could potentially use great mechanics never seen on consoles but some of these said mechanics would be to much for the Xbox one to handle even if they butchered the graphics.

  5. take a Scorpio game lower Settings and do it 720 p , its enough but it has to be on xbox one and not exclusive with same company

  6. Keep asking my kinect when any games are being released xbox die I mean xbox off .

  7. I'm happy with my Xbox one S and my PS4. . but what I don't get. . if u want something that powerful. . just build a PC. . and there will be no question about what it can or can't do. . its what I did

  8. Microsoft and the developers will figure something out and since this is supposed to be Xbox's new vision I believe they will make sure its as easy as possible for the developers to get shit done right.

  9. I'm fine with some really good titles being Scorpio exclusive. I get that some devs wanna be able to use the new consoles power to its fullest and I don't think the fan base should be upset with that.

  10. Can you imagine what would happen if Microsoft launched Scorpio with games that can't be played on Xbox One / S?

    The media would tear it apart. It would be a repeat of 2013.

  11. Oh god Crap Gamebolt really. A pro Sony site. Tell that dev to learn how to build a UWP game and shut up.

  12. I think this guy is talking nonsense…. A multiplat game normally is developed on PC then it will be converted to PS4 to fit their APIs while Xbox, Scorpio and PC use DX12, Xbox One Version has to be optimized for eSRAM, then they take the best settings for every console and implement them to each version. Taking the version of Xbox One (S) and upgrade it for Scorpio is stupid. Instead taking the PC version and using the  best settigns for this HW configuration and do some minor optimisation is much less effort for devs IMHO. IMHO you will buy a Xbox Game, insert the disc into your Scorpio device and then XBL will know what game on what kind of xbox device and will download the Scorpio version as an update like a day 1 patch. I dont think Ist possible to put the XBox One (S) package AND the Scorpio package onto one single Disc. Especially if ist a AAA Title. XBox One (S) AAA Games already have 20, 50 or more GB. Scorpio Versions will be even bigger because of 4K Textures and other stuff. Otherwise you only will get upscaled Xbox One Games with more fps. I dont know how Indie titles could use the full potential of Scorpio, they dont even use the potential of Xbox One, PS4 (Standard) or PS4 Pro. In my eyes this Statement coming from a dev (!) makes no sense anyway.

  13. MS will need to make scorpio games. but not right away. maybe in a couple of years as the X1S will hold it back i reckon.

  14. Scorpio will have the best looking multi plats and that's what everyone spends 90% of their time playing

  15. Well we just gona have to wait and see what develops chose to do on there games. i hope they take the advantage on the xbox scorpio and dnt become lazy because the xbox one well hold it back, then whats the point of all the scorpios power/hardware.

  16. For Microsoft to make the Scorpio a success they need to open E3 with the console then go on to explain how this is the first generation of its kind, a hybrid for the split community of pc and console gamers. They need to explain that this console will play all your AAA titles but this isn't the main purpose of this rig and then go on to explain how all pc exclusive will be available to play on the Scorpio. So that Scorpio community and pc community can play together… so in all the Scorpio should be a cross platform for its players with the pc world

  17. "I don´t know how many XBoxes are out there maybe 35 – 40 million."

    Try 25 Millionen crappy.

  18. Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Crash Bandicoot Remastered, and Spider-Man exclusive to PS4!? If these games are not enough to persuade you to buy a PS4, then you were never a gamer to begin with. This is the year for PS4.

  19. It's true honestly, unless they can work around the gap between ESRam and no ESRam. That would be upsetting, I would sell my Xbox one if that was the case