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Days Gone – E3 2016 Gameplay Demo | PS4


Check out the Days Gone gameplay demo from PlayStation’s E3 2016 conference.

May contain content inappropriate for children, visit www.esrb.org for rating information


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  1. i think i just had multiple heart attack while watching this vid. hahaha

  2. what was the round blue thing he put at the end of the barrel of the pistol?

  3. look close when he is aiming.. 😀

  4. I wish they could make this also avail on xbox one.. I may have to buy a used ps4 just to play this one game..

  5. The game play looks good, but the voice acting sounds terrible.

  6. paso por al lado a 2 centimetros y no te cojo

  7. hey guys hi sony well its my request make a game where we can play as creature in an open world in PS4 thank you


  8. please release this game soon PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ i love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much 🙂

  9. This game actually has me intrigued, and I'm not much for zombie games. But this actually looks really scary.

  10. I love how the AI is like: I don't have to eat him I can just chase him and jump beside him every single time

  11. nunca gostei d zumbi mas esse jogo ta pica das agalaxias

  12. Why wont they release it to other platforms? Gaming PC is actually the same as a ps4 and XBOX. Only good games is only released on PS4, not on the other platforms. I hate this allot 🙁

  13. ハッキリ言って詰まらなそう。

  14. Can you see all that forest? Well, it will not be in the final game.

  15. Ma only problem with Days Gone is that run animation…they need to improve it.

  16. I guarantee there will be a trophy associated with killing an X amount of zombies.