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CSGO – Old Vs New

This is just nitpicking. believe it or not I like both games.

songs used in order of apperence:
The A-Team – Full Theme Song
Donkey Kong Country Returns OST – Lift-Off Launch
Aladdin – Arabian Nights (arabic)
The swedish national anthem
Diddy Kong Racing OST – Crescent Island
Diddy Kong Racing OST -Star City


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  1. looks at video

    deletes CSGO
    Downloads CS 1.6
    Mission Done Good Job Team

  2. The old one was really bad graphics

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  4. why the old cs:go has a lot of cheating and bugs

  5. Knife hs from the back = 600 dmg lelele

  6. fucking fire grenade soud haha

  7. I lovre playing tge old counter strike

  8. Next time someone jumping insta-dinks you with a TEC-9, remember this video and your dislike of the jumping inaccuracy from 1.6.

  9. Video Should Name: Counter Strike OLD V/S NEW

  10. N64 Diddy Kong Racing soundtrack…awesome video 🙂

  11. I still like old CS more than new 🙂

  12. i still cs 1.6 and i love it so much and i play csgo but i dont like all that

  13. Hey some guy called ''SAWA'' took this vid and uploaded it, he did it to a couple of your videos, he also did it to other youtubers can you please strike him to get him off youtube