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CS:GO: Moving a Dropped Bomb

The bomb can be planted, sure. But it can also be dropped. Once it is, is it stuck in place until picked up again? Time to investigate.

Also: Once the bomb is planted, it doesn’t matter if physics objects, doors or the world itself spins itself around: it will remain exactly where it was planted, suspended in space if it has to. Like BATMAN

0:27 – Are bomb throws randomised?
1:05 – Clip brushes
1:22 – Physics objects
1:38 – Teleports
2:00 – Boosting spots?
2:14 – Doors

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  1. So i have a more intrestting question , what if the bomb is planted and the guy defusing doesn't have enough time he starts defusing ( without kit ) then his friend pushes the kit right on him while deefusing doest decrease the timee left ? or if there is onnly 5 secs left doesn't insta defuse it ? 🙂

  2. it didnt remind u of source though.. :((

  3. 2:10 its not fair but the round is still winnable u dumb

  4. I wish you'd try to speak German in this video as well, would be funny as fuck.

  5. Try to shoot at a bomb in real life,your mind will explode :^)

  6. why woud tt make his team lose ??? by frozing bomb???

  7. U can too move bomb with Tyre i mean. But it's hard. Try it! 😀 🙂 (Tyre is on DD2 T Spawn in middle of car and that electric wooden something :D) P.S sorry for my Eng.

  8. evaluate upset injury foeazt belt grave freeze document prepare.

  9. 3:14 I´m the one i dont need a gun to get respect….. Kkkk

  10. omfg 30 secs of ad i couldnt skip

  11. I dont get it. Why should you make the bomb unusuable when you are a terrorist.