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CS:GO – IEM Katowice 2017 (Fragmovie)

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Frags by : allu , GuardiaN , FNX , flamie , MSL , hen1 , karrigan , NiKo , kioshima , dupreeh


♬ Song name: The Fat Rat – 24 Fly Away (Instrumental)
♬ Outro song: Pegboard Nerds – Self Destruct

Music by The Fat Rat:
● https://open.spotify.com/artist/3OKg7YbOIatODzkRIbLJR4
● https://www.youtube.com/user/ThisIsTheFatRat


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Software used:
Sony Vegas Pro 14
Photoshop CS6
Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
Adobe After Effects CS6


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  1. Many of you guys are asking about the song, it's not released yet.
    I'll link it in the description when it is out! 🙂

  2. what's the command to let all the kills at the screen ? PLEASE <3

  3. You should do more of the slowmo bodies dropping to the ground as they die, it looks epic.

  4. Your editing skills are superb mate, so professional and smooth.

  5. This tournament was all Faze.. pitty that they placed scnd..

  6. Where can i find the song?
    Cant find it on youtube

  7. 3 weeks.. please release song

  8. How does he edit the pro player names in the left corner?

  9. I can not find the song … help plizzzz 😐

  10. Hey virre, how do you get the individual voices of the casters?

  11. really nice fragmovie.. the song, the edit everything is gd! worth the time editing!

  12. This video got me motivated to play more cs, thanks man

  13. using music that aint out yet? unsubscribing ffs

  14. Still waiting for song release 🙂 like how long does it take ? I wonder if the epic ness of csgo makes the song 100x better ?

  15. SONG ISN'T OUT YETjust saying…

  16. I keep coming back to this video hoping the song is finally released.

  17. what do they do to the cinematic clips to make them look almost like animation?

  18. the song is 2 epic for any mans ipod 😀

  19. Guys where to find this song? She really liked it

  20. I keep coming back to this video not only because the edit is sick, but the music is not released yet and i'm addicted to it!!!!!!!

  21. I love your video's man this is amazing extreme quality

  22. Hey Virre! Nice edit!
    Do you tell me what your font name, do you use in the videos?