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CS:GO – FASTEST Pro ACES #2 (Fragmovie)

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Frags by : Friberg , snax , twist , Happy , nitr0 , GuardiaN , Maikelele , ScreaM , Karrigan , Lekr0 , waylander , pasha


♬ Song name: Muzzy – Get Crazy
♬ Outro song: Ocean’s Roar (Ahlstrom Remix)

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Software used:
Sony Vegas Pro 14
Photoshop CS6
Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
Adobe After Effects CS6


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  1. Edit time: ~55hours , hope you guys enjoyed this video! What would you like to see in the next video? Give me good ideas!
    Also guys, I hope you don't miss my "teaser" videos on Facebook and Twitter: https://www.fb.com/virrecsgo/ & https://twitter.com/viRREcsgo

  2. what I learn from this video: fastest pro ace=CT, never be T if u want to be fastest ace???

  3. Watches this – Gets hype and launches CSGO.


  4. Good Job. Great edite as always

  5. This was dope as always man. Keep killing it

  6. Awesome! The way you use the camera positioning is great !

  7. Remember kids, if a player is better than you in CSGO, he must be hacking.

  8. that "fiiiiiive" at 3:30 sounds so gay hahaha

  9. you are the fucking best editing men really 🙂

  10. Hello virre would u make Spotlight NiKo or GuardiaN?

  11. Nice effect in lekr0.. Perfect soundtrack! U are a beast!!

  12. Good job man, would say this is my personal favorite and your best work imo with the syncing of music and cool effects you added.