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CS:GO Economy Guide – Common Mistakes

Learn to get good at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by thinking about your economic decisions. Competitive CS:GO is strongly based on an in-game economy, we’re not talking about the Steam Market, or other such nonsense, we’re talking about learning to play counter-strike the right way. WARNING: BASIC MATH REQUIRED

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The CS:GO Eco Spreadsheet: http://imgur.com/BHRPF5l

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  1. I have a question, Professor. On CT why would you only buy armor and no helmet while going against AKs and AWPs?

  2. So you honestly don't know that CajunB und Kjaerbye are 2 different players and that they switched those, since you repeatedly said "CajunB". I mean you are correct in your assumptions u made in this Video, but for a so called "Expert" this is pretty poor, but hey whatever it is NA scene so why do i even wonder.

  3. So CS:GO promotes communism? No wonder there are so many Russians

  4. im loving the mega man X music

  5. however this would work better if i didnt get a team of 3 rushians and a turkish squeeker in my team…

  6. one million subs dude good job!

  7. I always tap to check how they performe before I buy'em stuff. I don't want to waste the money.


  9. 1 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YAY

  10. Guys srsly. Do your math. One Example: You are on a Global elite mm. You lost the last round. You got 1800$ in your Pocket, the other teammates got around 3k each. They decide to eco but buy pistols- so you Think "Hey lets buy a deagle". dont be that retarded Guy. ECO means: Safe enough Money so that you can buy next round. the other Guys have around 2.5k so they hab buy next round but you cant.

  11. saved the euro the euro has yet to be saved

  12. I'm Sub #998,076 congrats on almost 1million

  13. 7:25 How could you miss that? I could've hit that, I'm S1.

  14. Sad face I don't have enough friends for full team. ;(

  15. But nobody listens to you and they think you suck because the think csgo is only shooting and not economy/tactics

  16. Holy introduction cancer batman, I'm turning this off immediately.

  17. "Didn't we have a schedule, the heck happened to that? I'm dying.

  18. That Megaman music was SOO nostalgic!

  19. 1: where can I submit my csgo matchmaking games to you?
    2: Would you accept silver gameplay?

  20. Stop watching at 0:33 (well, not really, watch it entirely).
    If there is anything that I would like to know is how to do maths!
    But no, the destiny thought that I would do better without the logical skill on my brain

  21. First of all, that's not communism. And thanks for creating a stereotypical image of wives

  22. Please make vids more often I like your gameplay and I don't wanna look for any one else to watch for it

  23. Another thing to know is to not be afraid to buy rifles like galil, famas, and ssg.

  24. a common mistake is buying a m249

  25. you have to remember, that there are people you dont want to drop, because they lose their Weapon in the first peak anyway.

  26. 11:08 having no armor but a rifle is definitely super bad. Never ever do this

  27. "[…], and gets pissy if you refuse? That's your wife." Please, refrain from using old-fashioned stereotypes, they are not funny to your female audience. Thanks. 😉