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CS:GO – Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Teens React: Gaming)

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This episode features the following Reactors:
Alicia, age 17
Ethan, age 19
Geneva, age 18
Jeordy, age 19
Moises, age 16
Seth, age 17

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React Gaming #163 – COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE (Teens React: Gaming)


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  1. If they wanted challenge play european servers instead of americans.

  2. Teens should react to SovietWomble play csgo

  3. I wanna play 1o1 against these guys xD

  4. "i like that it's fast paced"
    lul what?

  5. Still better than most of my teammates…

  6. id like to play a game with the redhead

  7. They have the option of getting a Negev and they get a M249…

  8. These guys are all Global Elites

  9. can u guys make one on teens react to dota 2

  10. spawning you next to three enemies means you get three free kills.

  11. Are you kidding me?! These guys did better than me when I also just started playing this game.

  12. running with an m249 "Omg this is so slow laughs"

  13. teens play Warframe HAAHAHHAHAA

  14. I think i am gonna do a react channel so they can level up my smurfs 😉

  15. This is so cute. It's like an adult watching a child fumble around with new toys.

  16. He said I unloaded on his face XD

  17. These people are all silver 1 on cs go

  18. Does Geneva remind anyone else of HONEYG??? ???

  19. even as a silver this is tough to watch xD

  20. We need more action from Seth.

  21. Teens react to the new five nights at Freddy's!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!

  22. They should let them play le mm ???

  23. What in the world r these mapS???????????????????????/////