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Can A 7 Year Old Gaming Laptop Still Game!? Gateway p-7805u (CS:GO Dota)

Got a sick deal on this laptop at a local pawn shop and looking forward to what it can do! 🙂

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Stryv – First Light

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Starlyte & Krale – Artemis
Jim Yosef – New Beginning

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  1. my cousin gave me a gateway laptop it said he got it in 2012 it was new can it run blackops 1 and 2 possibly?

  2. i just found a tecra a1 will this work for gaming?

  3. When you realize this old laptop can beat your modern laptop

  4. Today's laptops will last longer, I'm fine with gaming on 1080p for a long time

  5. i found a deal and bought a p-6831fx with a t5450 and a 8800gts upgraded to 4 gigs of ram and its good but soon im gonna upgrade the cpu tooo

  6. I got an 11 year laptop and still can run some descent games..

  7. Old laptops can ame i play roblox on my toshiba satellite A100 with more ram new hard drive windows xp to windows 7 roblox runs fine only a few games lag out A LOT if it lags out a lit i dont count but if i cant play it just yea

  8. Did you clean the CPU/GPU fan? Because that's where the most dust probably is.

  9. All this needs is an i7 3930k at 4.1GHz and a GTX 1070.

  10. I have this same laptop I bought in 2009. It's been for the most part under my bed for years. I had hundreds of hours playing world of warcraft on it back in the day, but the hardware is physically old and it overheats very fast. It's able to run Diablo 3 and Tera is playable, but it's not really ideal since it only has 1gb gddr3 vmemory

  11. how did you get counterstrike to run on it ? I can't seem to get it run on my laptop

  12. you can upgrade the cpu to a 3.4 with the X9100 cpu.. 40 bucks on eBay.

  13. Thanks for the review I had this same laptop lying around in the garage after this video I cleaned it up and I'm using it now instead of my old hp pavilion. Thx man

  14. hay dezzel can you more games on the gateway p-7805u fx…….

  15. Hey man, just ran into this channel, good review! I would actually like to see an update on this thing. Maybe try to run Overwatch (lowest possible settings im sure)?? lol