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Building The Ultimate Streaming and Gaming Setup – Part 2: Desk Swap

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  1. Where did you buy youre green screen and softbox?

  2. Good set up rabbit, coming along brother

  3. I would love to see if their is any way to make the Ghost/Engrams into a custom speaker system with Bluetooth system but I feel it would be too much work to get it

  4. good job briar, looks pretty cool.

  5. good job briar, looks pretty cool.

  6. Briar, Getting a Monitor Stand will really halp save desk space, I have a triple monitor mount and it helps so much with desk space. I dont have a mix amp or as much stuff, but i do have a triple monitor setup along with the console monitor and i feel i have plenty of space.

  7. Sweet set up man! Only suggestion I can provide and this one is quite pricey is to change your AC system. Upgrade to central air will keep things more quiet on those hot days. Vents can be put in the floor or the ceiling so they shouldn't take up much room. And you probably get to enjoy it more out of the room as well. Anyway good luck and keep up the good work. I really do enjoy your channel.

  8. perpendicular crossing of power and signal wires is okay. It's running signal and power wires in parallel that introduces so much noise. Seperate as much as possible, cross where you must, and use the magnetic noise filters where cables dont have them or if the cables have thin shielding.

  9. Nice work so far! Random thought… I remember you saying that you though a green sheet might seem unappealing. I was wondering if you could get one of those old school projector screen pull downs (the manual kind) and attach the green sheet to it. This way you could have a functional green screen when you need it and just raise it when you don't need it.

  10. Briar for a monitor arm I would recommend the one I purchased for my setup, it takes up barely any desk space. It's called the ergo tech freedom arm. You can adjust it to any angle u want, even can rotate the monitor 360 degrees. You can pull it forwards, backwards. Basically anything you want. They're reviews on Youtube of it so you can see if it meets your needs man.

  11. get a shelf for all your figurenes and stuff and an under part for your desk for all the wires and the mixing board

  12. I need a game room so bad. Your set up is really nice.

  13. You should purchase a dual monitor arm.

  14. Hey Briar really enjoying the new series and keep up the great work!

  15. why don't you get a workstation PC with 2 xeons

  16. Try to build some sort of desk drawer for the mixer then install it under the desk and keep it out of the way

  17. hmm… what to do with the xbox 1 and ps4. sell it and by a wii u

  18. You should get some floating shelves for any plushys or pop vinyls

  19. Definitely need to get some sound dampener pads on the wall you're facing, and a bigger rug it's getting pretty echo-y in there lol. Bunched up drapes/curtains will break up echoes just as well as the pads if you're looking into an easier cost effective solution. It just wont look as futuristic lol

  20. You should be able to get an arm / mount for the audio mixer and have it standing up to the left hand side of the desk – would free up a lot of real-estate and make it easily accessible. I have my mixer stood up on an old laptop stand on the side of my desk for music production – same principle. Does your mixer have any mounting holes on the back? If not you could just use some good strength velcro to hold it on to something (even a cheap arm mounted monitor stand would be good as it would be moveable)

  21. Did you consider mounting the router on the ceiling and running a CAT 6 thru the wall and making a hub for all the devices, a lot of work but comes out beautiful when it's done

  22. To bad you didn't get an Evo desk the one I got is 60 in but they make a 72 in that is an L shaped that is like 2 desks, these are also standing desks and they are wonderful

  23. Big step on the right direction !

  24. what about some sort of lazy susan type device for the consoles? able to swing them around and swap cables if you need to but also put them back in place.

  25. Huge improvement man, things are looking better all around

  26. the setup is coming along very nicely! i really think you are on the right track! i cant wait to start on my setup after we move next month 🙂

  27. How about some sort of like lowboard/side board for the stereo with the TV mounted at the wall above the low/sideboard and speakers on two small extra shelves? That might be a bit of a stretch on the speaker cables tho. For the console situation: do you still use discs? Because if you dont, build them in facing with the back to you? Not sure about the PS4 but you can start the XB1 by powering up the controller so if you dont use disc anymore you could just mount them backwards to easily access cables. Only downside would be not being able to use Blu Rays as well, which might be a problem

  28. have you thought of a monitor arm or something right behind your mac to have the dell monitor above the mac, or would that feel awkward to game on?