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Building a DREAM Gaming Setup – CUSTOM DESK! (Episode 2)

Building my Dream YouTube Gaming Setup!
This episode we take a trip to IKEA with ThePrenti!
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  1. Am I the only one who thinks his face is smaller than the average head? Like, I mean his face is so small compared to his entire head lmao

  2. i feel like you would be a good friend lol

  3. As if you mentioned art attack! The head ruled!!

  4. How much was the desk in total?

  5. Cool video, love the desk concept. Could you list the items you got from IKEA?

  6. I'm looking for a desk like that, how much did that one come to if you don't mind me asking ?

  7. Dude what is your console connected to do u play e.g CoD on a TV if not what do u play it on

  8. Can somebody tell me what are here exact table? Can't find them on ikea..

    Thanks 🙂

  9. 1:54 I was like "please don't go ikea" Then you went 🙁 xD

  10. What means idk "brackets" to hold the desk in place ?

  11. Please can you answer this comment. Can you give me the links of the IKEA Tables. Please I was looking through the whole comment section to find any links. Thank you so so so much.

  12. What Ikea parts did he use? Can someone tell me?

  13. Like the video but maybe get a tripod because it I'd really shaky

  14. Sleeping and working in the same room every day!? 16+ hours…not healthy man

  15. Edinburgh YouTuber means need to sub!!

  16. doesn't look abit like duhitsmark?

  17. you said it was 10:00 but it was still light outside.

  18. If Apple made a car, whould it have Windows?

  19. Shoulda flipped it, put the corner desk in the corner with the powerpoint (wall socket) and then put the long desk along under the window, it would give you more room.

  20. hi mate how much all that cost ? in pounds

  21. Could your camera be any shakier?

  22. did you combine the linnmon/adils corner with the rectangle linnmon/adils??