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Best $400 Budget Gaming PC Build – RIP PS4 Pro (w/ Benchmarks) GTX 1050

In this video I show you how to build the Most Powerful budget $400 Gaming PC for 2017 This PC is meant to compete with the Playstation 4 Pro / PS4 Pro vs PC …


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  1. Built this pc but having trouble booting for the first time can anyone help?

  2. why it is every video of building a gaming pc, always a intel cpu? lol does it intel cost a lot more than amd….?
    and going with intel core, is not a budget gaming for me?

  3. can I change case with a Thermaltake velvan21

  4. I just ordered the parts for my first pc build! Thank you so much!

  5. Great vid man so happy I could find a pc that is us good but still within the console price range

  6. Why doesn't anyone test just cause 3 on pcs? Like that game fucks up my ps4 on some explsions. Ill definitely use your build if that shit can handle a big ass jc3 explosion.

  7. i didnt like the intro .. video really starts at 2:05

  8. Why buy it when it's the same frames as the PS4 pro

  9. Instructions not clear enough. Got dic stuck on pc fan.

  10. So, I have recently been looking into building my own PC, but the only problem is downloading windows 10. Most videos (including this one) don't show you how and where to download windows 10 ( I'm fine with paying full price). If someone could help me out it would be much apreciated

  11. this looks awesome. I'm a rookie on pc building so I have questions. for a moniter, do i buy 1 separate from the pc? also which one should I buy that would go good with this pc build? also what do i have to get for the mouse and keyboard? does it come with the moniter or is it separate as well?

  12. how does this beat the ps4 pro. ps4 pro has comparable gtx 480 gpu. the 1050 gtx babrly does 1080p on high quality. this video is false

  13. I kind of just realized I never went and downloaded the drivers for my stuff, I don't see any hindrances, perhaps they downloaded on their own?

  14. What Cpu Cooler Did You Use!?

  15. help guys! does the case come eith the computer monitor/screen

  16. Has anyone that has built this pc backup that it runs well?

  17. Hi! Can you tell me what memory can I use instead of the Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR4?

  18. need a cheap pc or laptop to run custom zombies, csgo and to edit videos

  19. thank for show how to build it its my 1st time building one

  20. thanks for the video but i have to say one thing i followed the links and the price was 504.59 im not counting it against you because the precises could have change

  21. Hi, will this PC happen to be able to handle Minecraft? Thanks.

  22. wish if i saw those benchmarks in ultra settings 🙁 like witcher 3 in ultra setting 😀 can somebody guess what fps this pc gonna get ? i guess 20 fps

  23. found the parts got it 1$ cheaper

  24. The lights syncing the music haha had me so hype

  25. Just watching you putting a pc on brings too much cancer for me just to keep watching. I'd rather buy a pre-built pc if I had to deal with all this crap, nevermind I have a ps4 pro and pre-built pc, deal with it.

  26. I have a gtx 1050ti and fx-6300 and we have the same settings in gta v, why is yours greater??

  27. Awesome video just what i needed to know!!!