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Best 200 Dollar Gaming PC – Real Life PC Build W/ Benchmarks 1080p Ultra Settings

Check out my Updated 200 Dollar Build: https://goo.gl/7Z4XIM Great PC for this type of build: …


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  1. lol i have the same 200 pc but when i buy it it was 50$ so the 50 one is so trash………….

  2. if i use gt 730 it will give 110 fps on ultra in csgo?

  3. 185 dollar build: dell optiplex 4gb ddr3 64bit, and a intel pentium

  4. Is there like any other graphic cards that can be a cheaper cost or that can actually work for the build without messing around with it to make it work

  5. would black ops 3 run on this

  6. I would definitely rather just get second hand entry level PC parts rather than an XBOX ONE or PS4.

  7. we have the same cat mouse pad and ty for saving money on my pc

  8. Rate my specs:

    CPU: my neighbors washing machine

    GPU: my grandpa's ww2 knife

    RAM: 2 MB stick of cheese.

    Storage: 1 KB 0 RPM 0 WPM juice box.

    I can play desktop 7p at 4 fps

  9. hey guys i have a amd e1-2500 apu with radeon ''hd'' graphics lmao cant run any game including cs go which on lowest settings and priority on high i get 10 fps max. i have a $300 budget, looking for $200 budget pc but about to give up and save $800 and build my own but if you have any pc build for about $200-$300 let me know cause i cant run even csgo of all games

  10. What to do when my parents banned me from buying used pcs and parts? 🙁

  11. Mate. There's low end gaming pc's, medium end and high end. Plus a newer apu can actully play some decent games.

  12. Do you think overwatch, gta v, or g mod would work good

  13. Okay please answer. How much data is on the Ram and the regular storage?

  14. Most helpful channel out there

  15. Payed 130 and get 100 reps on csgo MAX SETTINGS, GTA V 45 frames multiplayer medium/high

    Got a used 750 ti off a friend for 40
    And a PC off eBay for 93.99(core 2 quad core 2.66ghz CPU, 6gb of ram
    Payed 0$ for OS by using free win10 method.

  16. I saw a $1300 "gaming pc" build. ..spent his money on $200 keyboard and mouse and duel monitors… NO GPU ONLY APU

  17. FANTASTIC! I'm building this this month! How do you think it would perform on today's third party games like Gta V or fallout 4?

  18. so the pc that is good for the build is it as skinny as it is in the pics on amazon because i want to be able to put in a graphics card.

  19. Wait, so for this build, how would you replace the CPU without having to buy a new motherboard and ram

  20. i create one really similar but i put a xeon x3360 cost me 30 dollars and the zotac gtx 750 ti cost me 60 on amazon the dell optiplex 760 8gb ram 100 dollars