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Battalion 1944 – FIRST Gameplay Demo (New World War 2 Game 2017)

Battalion 1944 – FIRST Gameplay Demo of Team Deathmatch! World War 2 Classic Multiplayer Game (New World War 2 Game) Coming in May 2017 to PC & soon after to PS4, Xbox One.
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  1. Always wonder why are people dislikeing this video just for they dont like the game.Its not his game , he cant do anything to make game different

  2. I agree that the jumping is a bit much, but why the fuck is everyone so hostile towards this game? This is exactly what people told them they wanted. If you want a game like this to go in a certain direction then go onto the forums and say what you want. It's no surprise that the CoD2 and Wolfenstein players got what they wanted because they were the ones in the forums giving feedback and voting, I was one of the few there who played more recent games primarily, which is why this game has so few modern features. Just because WW2 games have come into light again 6 months ago doesn't give you the right to talk shit about a game which the community has been helping develop for a year.

  3. I think it looks good. Solid gameplay, and simple. Really hits the spot for old arena-like shooter. I like the fact that the game gives player a bit more freedom in traversing the maps where an invisible wall usually prevents the players from getting on in other games.

    However, I think it's not going to do well in the market since Activision announced the new WWII. Despite the majority being skeptical since BOIII, I predict much of the attention would go there to see what they will do to mend the past mistakes with supply drops. Unless if the new system for Call of Duty is undesirable, then this game would probably do well since nostalgia fueled fans may flock to this game.

    Lastly, I'm concerned with the pricing. If they really do want to sell this for like, $30 (which sounds like a price that they will actually place…), I expect them to have various maps, detailed work on player models, variations of the player models, detailed weapons of various kinds, multitude of gameplay, and various factions.

    This is early alpha, so there's more room to hit the expectations.

  4. I like how they stole animations straight from COD, as if it wasnt already an identical shitwave screaming out "COD" to begin with. Check out the reloading animation for the MP40 on this game and COD zombies and tell me this game should still actually continue being made…

  5. what's wrong with developers doing shit games nowadays?

  6. Call of duty 2 / Batallion 1944 ;)))))))))))))

  7. whats your guys opinion on the game. i think the game will be worth the buy.

  8. that is not a Barfield that thing right there call duty

  9. Oh god..This game made me cringe..

  10. Looks nice but I'm guessing they'll still be working on graphics and smooth animations, maybe better HUD/layout as well.

  11. Hey lets copy call of duty 2006 because we're unoriginal. Also it's gonna look the same to.

  12. So, let me get this straight… frame capped: 144 fps. Exported to video: 30 fps? They're claiming to get 250-300 fps, so there's no reason show video capture below 60 fps. Unless, of course, they're hiding poor performance.

  13. To the people who are complaining about the graphics. It literally says Early Alpha at the top of the screen. The game will look a lot better when it releases next year.

  14. wtf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,????????????????????? ha ha ha 90-н ?????

  15. looks like it was made using a kit

  16. I was excited for this game, thought it might be something new. The devs can still maybe save this game, but they have stated that this is what they want to do…so they just ruined a game with a lot of potential 🙁 if you want something like this go play a cod, they just like this but they've already released…

  17. Looks more like cod than an fps i would like

  18. this looks nothing like what they showed us

  19. A bit of texture fingering and a side order of fuckermabobs and should be cool.

  20. Even the gunshots are ugly omg

  21. Looks like a mod for CS 1.5, bad even for PRE-ALPHA 🙁

  22. I dont get it why people are trying to make games that have been made around a decade ago?
    I mean if it has nothing new or something original about the game then its useless

  23. So…..This developers are TRYING to emulate CoD 2 here??? well, let me tell you something….THIS IS UTTER SHIT and Im NOT talking about graphics.

  24. well i am happy for a World War 2 game but this game looks like it was made in 1988.

  25. you guys trying to cover up ur shitty game (which u know that ur game is very shitty) with transparency drama….

  26. Let's be honest though, half the dislikes and bad comments will still buy this.

  27. haha srsly ?
    After BF1 they release this ? 😀

  28. This fucking sucks? What were they thinking? With the fact that cod is probably going back to ww2 this year we can just move on and forget it.

  29. Day of Infamy is way better than this. So will EA/DICE's new WW2 shooter coming out in 2018

  30. So this game is going to be just sprint jumping and gunning? cuz you know how the gaming "community" are…