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Awful Playstation Games: MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch Review (PS1) (2003) (HD Gameplay)

An awful game based on a corny TV show…And man, is this game bad. Almost unplayable. Seriously one of the worst fighting games ever made.

Developed by Coresoft
Published by Gotham Games
Systems: PSX, PS2, Gameboy Color, Xbox
Genre: Fighting, Wrestling


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  1. Stan reviews a lot of shit games that are free browser games. But this game was officially released for a major console and is exactly like one of those games! Horrible!

  2. I played the pc version. worst game ever. vomits

  3. better than the crap they have now

  4. A PSone game released in 2003… That's pretty late.

  5. And also the game has fatalities like mortal kombat But on the loading screen you get to see your character do a fatality on a sandbag

  6. I saw some early episodes and it was pretty funny in a silly way, which was the intent, and the animation was great, a lot of hard work involved. This game was pulled out of a toilet and had the name slapped on it.

  7. I liked the show as a kid, not sure about the game.

  8. Don't agree with this review I'm afraid. I played this on PC and it was great – the show was really good as well, it was a bit of fun.

  9. Don't know about the game, but the show was, what you put into it. Corny or not, the fights were at times funny even though I was well above 5 years of age. But I do agree that MTV just plain sucked and even more so now.

  10. This piece of shit show had 6 fucking seasons

  11. I loved that show as a kid. Honestly forgot it existed.

  12. I never heard about the original show but this game looks kinda funny. Too bad the controls sucks. I looked it up and the show ran for… 6 SEASONS?! Wow…

  13. Like clay fighters, that was a bad game.

  14. Yes, MTV is a stupid TV channel for retarded people obsessed with sex.

  15. The show was awesome like MXC. The game not so much.

  16. I played the one on ps2 pure garbage

  17. Stan, you should review Sitting Ducks for the PS2/GBA. It has nothing to do with this, but you somehow reminded me of it during this video and I ended up having a heavy nostalgia trip.

  18. Wow I'm here early. But check it out, I remember I got this for Christmas. I was pissed. I played it once and never touched it again.

  19. Pretty sure any kids that played this back when got grounded a whole year for coming near this game ???