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Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

Hey guys thank you for watching my quick little review. Make sure check out my gaming channel down below.


Atlantic Gaming Desk


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  1. You should have made your desk cleaner and fixed the cables before you made the video in my opinion

  2. will a ps4 slim fit on the monitor stand?

  3. do you think that I can remove the stand so I can have a tv mounted in the wall!

  4. Hey I bought that desk a couple days ago and i was wondering how long did it take to come in???

  5. I just got mine yesterday..cool review

  6. Good review bro, thinking of picking this bad boy up.

  7. Will this hold a 40 inch TV and 2 consoles

  8. lol my brother got this for me this Christmas he paid 5$ Canadian lol

  9. Is this desk sturdy enough for a monitor clamp?

  10. would this work for a gaming PC? how good would a keyboard and mouse set on the surface there?

  11. hey how long is the table alone from left to right? on the site it said 50in but i want to make sure it is 50in without the accessories on the sides

  12. thanks for sharing looks pretty handy

  13. Chris thanks for the great review!

  14. is this desk good for pc gaming? For example since we need space for the keyboard and mouse or will it be too close to the monitor?

  15. I have a question: if u remove all of the useless stuff like speaker stands, cup holder and headset holder will it have more than 120cm width?

  16. it took you an hour to do it. it did it in 30 minutes