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Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Analysis | Review

My long awaited review for the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk!

If you feel I left anything important out of the video please leave me a comment down below and I’ll try to follow up with any questions I receive on the desk!

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This is not a paid advertisement for the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk. I am in no way affiliated with Arozzi.

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  1. bro i like the desk but im disappointed in the net with cable management i mean its ok but its meh . when i put all my cables under its like the net is falling down . but overall its all good . we have the same desk . cant wait to put another monitor .

  2. great video dude. ill be looking to get mine next week after this awesome review!
    Keep up the good work! Subscriber earned.

  3. I'll name my kid after you. Great video, really helped me with being on the fence about this desk.

  4. thanks bro . i got mine last week now im setting it up . thank u so muck keep it up .