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All the New PSVR Games for April 2017 that have confirmed release dates: Starblood Arena, April 11 Symphony of the Machine, April 11 Statik, April 24 Summer …


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  1. Excellent video, this is perfect for me to stay up to date on stuff. I only care about psvr these days lol. Your hilarious Frank btw lmao

  2. Lol… It's funny because the Apollo 11 experience has been out in the UK for a while now.

  3. That's the most fake accent I've ever heard.

  4. Mortal Blitz, Starship Arena and maybe Statik.. syren or syndrome even?! I wish we had a PSN VR lobby where we could interact and play mini games with ability to join games together etc

  5. frank wasnt apollo 11 already released ages ago?

  6. A brilliant hard working YouTuber, deserves more subs for his efforts.

  7. Awesome video does anyone know if superhot will come to psvr ?

  8. mortal blitz and Apollo 11 look great

  9. Mortal Blitz is confirmed for a release next week.

  10. Keep it coming man. You do a great job of keeping us informed about vr. There arnt enough channels like you out there.

  11. When are we getting vr hentai? i mean come on

  12. not on the list jumps out at me fuck them weak games!!!

  13. wow this is bullshit April isnnot a good month

  14. I hope "Ironwolf VR" makes it to PSVR

  15. You get to land it!? hah… imagine being the guy to screw that up.

  16. im guessing dreamstime paid advertising for this episode ?? 🙂

  17. Please do this every month frank! And add prices please

  18. Apollo 11, the best thing I have done on VR to date. Unfortunately it is not COD in VR so will probably get panned.

  19. Preordered syndrome on amazon for £34.99 can't wait. Mortal blitz demo is fantastic been waiting since launch and syren. Great month

  20. I am so stoked for Apollo 11, you have no idea. Any solid release date or is it just "April"?

  21. Nice I see maybe 3 in there I'd like to try

  22. Summer lesson looks like a masturbatory aid for teenage boys.

  23. So many good games in the next two months. I already have Starblood pre-ordered and definitely will be getting Fantastic Contraptions.(Which Frank forgot.)
    I'll probably get Symphony and Statik as well, I just hope they will actually price a puzzle game right for the amount of content it has for once.(Spoiler: they won't..)
    I might get Apollo 11 because I watched the VR trailer on you tube and it looks pretty nice,I probably try and wait for a sale though since it will be too expensive for how short it is.

    But I can't believe Summer Lesson is getting a US release.

  24. EhhYo Frank. You gettin' Starblood? I gotta play with you at least once. I mean cooommmmeeee ooooonnnnn-AH.

  25. Apollo 11 is out been out for a month

  26. Great video frank. You should make this a regular thing at the end of every month.

  27. Great Video Frank….Frank….Take a look at the upcoming PSVR title Ancient Amuletor… looks really cool… first person tower and defense game

  28. when the hell is Herocade going to be available?!?!?!??!?

  29. I already Pre-ordered Starblood arena, going to pick up mortal blitz, syndrome maybe syrens depends on the price..

  30. StarBlood looks neat, though will wait for a review before I purchase as I want to see how long the single player is. Not really interested in online play.

  31. mortal blitz looks exciting af..

  32. i'm beginning to get pissed off with shovelware shit games. Most if not all of these look just that.
    What the actual F**K is going on with sony? Are they trying to screw this up on purpose?

    Release a Battlefield/MOH/CoD FPS shooter which uses DS4 to move. The resi evil 7 VR mode proves that it is totally possible for a FPS without motion sickness being an issue.

    Release a crash bandicoot / pac land / ps vr playroom (only a full game) game already

    There are so many games that would be a cinch to port to PSVR that are out on PC that would really sell the hardware for example:
    doom 3 BFG edition.

    I will be waiting on farpoint dropping in may, apart from that nothing on the horizon looks good. Star trek bridge crew is going to be a multiplayer job simulator from what I can see.

    If you want an excellent game reboot i notice wonder boy 3 the dragons trap is getting a HD reboot and its due out in a few weeks. I will be buying this game if nothing of note comes out for PSVR. Saddening times to be a PSVR fan.


  33. great vid frank. i dont know how u keep it up. dont do yrself in bro

  34. April, the month where even the naysayers realise that PSVR is actually a thing and hasn;t been "sent out to die" and "abandonware" and all the other doom and gloom reporting late last year.